WWE SmackDown Results and grades 11 Dec 2020: Sasha Banks left injured after brutal bottle attack


WWE SmackDown results and grades: SmackDown was also preparing for TLC with Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns set to meet for the title.

Kevin Owens sent a violent message to Roman Reigns
WWE SmackDown Results and grades 11 Dec 2020: Sasha Banks left injured after brutal bottle attack 2

Reigns had lost his cool last week as he attacked Owens, Otis and even his cousin Jey Uso. There was a lot going to be said about this but we start off this WWE SmackDown results and grades piece with another rivalry.

Carmella vs Banks

Carmella and Sasha Banks were to sign their contract for the title but this turned out to be a ruse.

Mella wanted to face the champion, Banks, earlier and they were shifted to the main event.

The next match saw Montez Ford take on Dolph Ziggler. The match also saw some interference from their respective tag partners and it was Ziggler who got the win.

Ziggler beats Ford

Grade B

The Profits need a quality opponent and we could get that with Roode and Ziggler. They have been criminally underused in recent months.

They should be a problem for the Profits and it will be interesting to see how this goes.

E vs Zayn

Big E made a shirt for the IC champion Sami Zayn and things broke out after that.

Zayn and E met but this wasn’t for the title, something the champion wanted the announcer to confirm.

The champion used his sneaky tactics by slapping E and then causing a count out.

Zayn beats E

Grade B

It is to be seen how long Zayn continues winning in this fashion but he is using his smarts to keep the title.

E getting a singles title would also be great for him.

KO vs Uso

Roman Reigns was heading off to the ring and Jey Uso asked if he could go and get Owens, to which Reigns agreed.

KO was giving a promo and Uso attacked him. However, Owens destroyed Uso and sent him through a table.

Reigns didn’t attack Owens then but did so backstage. The champion also asked KO’s wife and kids to talk the Canadian out of their match and keep the family’s bread-earner safe.

Grade B

Jey keeps on getting destroyed, despite trying his best to keep Reigns happy.

Nevertheless, Owens vs Reigns will be fun but it will be incredible if the champion loses the title at TLC.

Kay and Natalya

Billie Kay seemed to have a new team with Natalya by her side. They took on the Riott Squad and it was the pairing of Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott who got the win.

Riott Squad beat Natalya and Kay

Grade E

WWE split up Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and then put them in random tag teams. This match might have helped Kay get some wrestling time but that’s it.

Otis and Gable team up

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro were ready to face the new team of Gable and Otis.

The match went off well early on before Gable pushed for a tag and got beaten up for the loss.

Nakamura and Cesaro beat Gable and Otis

Grade D

This is another pair that WWE don’t know what they are doing with.

Otis has fallen down like a rock since being the MITB holder but at least Gable is getting some time on TV.

Banks vs Carmella

Banks and Carmella put on quite a show as they battled hard for the title. Mella looked in great shape too, given that she hadn’t wrestled for a long time.

The match descended into chaos as Mella’s helper got involved and pulled Banks away when the referee wasn’t looking.

The champion lost it and attacked the pair which led to a disqualification. Mella then took advantage of the situation and then dumped Banks’ face into a bucket of ice.

She then smashed a champagne bottle on Banks before spraying her with the bubbly. Banks was left writhing in pain as Mella celebrated by drinking some champagne too.

Carmella beats Banks

Grade C

The need to end matches in such a manner isn’t needed. However, Mella looked great in the ring and she should get another crack at the title soon.

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