WWE SmackDown highlights, results and review: Bray Wyatt also made an appearance and spoke on Miz TV

WWE SmackDown highlights, results and review: This SmackDown episode had some big spots and misses too as the opening segment featured Bray Wyatt speaking to the Miz.

The Miz expected Daniel Bryan to feature on Miz TV but the former champion couldn’t make it after the attack by The Fiend in the previous episode.

Miz promised to help Bryan out. However, Wyatt wanted to face the Miz at TLC and even held up a photo of Miz’s family.

The Miz then left the stage in a hurry to call up his wife, Maryse, and see if they were alright.

The Goddess gets back to winning ways

Alexa Bliss returned to in-ring action after a while. She first helped her friend Nikki Cross last week and was in action against Mandy Rose tonight.

The Goddess beat Rose with the Twisted Bliss. Sonya Deville and Cross were at ringside too, and they got involved in the match-up.

Bliss beats Rose

Elias and Brooke beat Drake

This wasn’t an inter-gender match but Drake Maverick and Elias got into a verbal spat backstage.

This was regarding Dana Brooke’s date with Batista and Maverick then called Elias out in the ring.

Drake Maverick Dana Brooke and Elias
Drake Maverick was ‘beaten’ by Dana Brooke and Elias (Image credit: WWE)

Elias came out with Brooke and made light work of Maverick. The diminutive star was beaten all-around before Brooke pinned him and Elias made the three count.

Fatal 4-way tag madness

The No.1 contender’s spot for the SmackDown tag titles was on the line.

The Lucha House Party, Heavy Machinery, The Revival and Mustafa Ali & Shorty G were the four teams in action.

Fatal 4-Way
The Fatal 4-Way had some great spots (Image credit: WWE)

Lucha House Party were first eliminated and were followed by Heavy Machinery. It seemed that Ali and G were going to pick up the win, but the experienced Revival won the clash and claimed they would destroy the tag champions, New Day, at TLC.

The Revival beat Ali & G, Heavy Machinery and Lucha House Party

Banks confronts Evans

Lacey Evans beat a local competitor easily but saw Sasha Banks walk down the ramp.

The Boss was attacked by Evans in the previous episode. Banks mocked the Southern Belle by speaking about her daughter, which struck a nerve.

Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans
Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans during the segment (Image credit: WWE)

Evans called Banks into the ring and feigned another Women’s Right as the Boss collapsed in fear.

Lacey then walked out of the ring, happy with her work, but was attacked by Bayley. Sasha was also able to get a few cheap shots at Evans.

Humiliation for Reigns

Dolph Ziggler wanted revenge from Roman Reigns after his partner was laid out on a stretcher last week.

The Showoff was also working on the behest of King Corbin, with Baron facing the Big Dog at TLC.

Corbin came out to distract Reigns in the clash, but the Big Dog was able to kick out of a Zig Zag and hit the Spear for the win.

That was not the end of the night for Reigns though. Corbin’s henchmen attacked The Big Dog but he came out on top.

It seemed that Corbin was going to be powerbombed through the announcer table, but Ziggler came up with the save.

Corbin, Ziggler and the henchmen then waylaid Reigns and tied him to a ring post. They humiliated the former champion by showering him with dog food as the show came to and end.

Reigns beats Ziggler

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