WWE Raw results, winners, grades highlights and reaction 9 March 2020: Edge sends a big message


WWE Raw results, winners, grades highlights and reaction 9 March 2020

WWE Raw results, winners, grades highlights and reaction: This was the first show after WWE Elimination Chamber and some storylines were bound to progress after the PPV.

Although Elimination Chamber didn’t have some of the top titles being defended, a lot was set up for WrestleMania 36.

Lynch addresses Baszler

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came out to speak about her rival at WrestleMania, Shayna Baszler.

WWE Raw results, winners, grades highlights and reaction Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch will face Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36 (Credit: WWE)

The former MMA star dominated the Elimination Chamber match and destroyed all five of her opponents.

Lynch spoke highly of Baszler before criticising her and claiming that she would come out on top.

Grade B

Lynch didn’t do anything bad in this promo and highlighted the danger that Baszler is. That is ideal going into WrestleMania as WWE have made the challenger look like a real threat to Lynch’s title.

Mysterio in action

Angel Garza is a star in the making on Raw and was up against rival Rey Mysterio. The pair had a great fight and it was Garza that played up his Playboy image by interacting with women in the crowd.

Angel Garza Rey Mysterio
Angel Garza in action against Rey Mysterio (Credit: WWE)

It was Mysterio that picked up the win but Garza impressed, once again.

Mysterio beats Garza

Grade B

This was another fun match involving Garza, and it will be interesting to see what route WWE takes with him.

Mysterio can still put on a show but he now has a real rival in the younger Garza.

Flair vs Ripley

Charlotte Flair came out to speak about her WrestleMania 36 clash against Rhea Ripley.

Flair vs Ripley
Charlotte (R) faced off against Rhea Ripley on Raw (Credit: WWE)

The Queen claimed that there can only be one of her and she would win the NXT title. Ripley came out and Charlotte tried to belittle her by claiming this was Raw and not NXT.

Before she could finish, Ripley smashed her and left the ring.

Grade B

It was weird that Ripley came on Raw to confront Charlotte but the promo cut by the Queen was almost perfect.

WWE didn’t need the pair to get physical but this ensures that all eyes will be on NXT on Wednesday.

Lashley crush

Bobby Lashley was in action next as he took on Zack Ryder.

This wasn’t a real match as Bobby destroyed the former tag champion and easily won the match.

Lashley beats Ryder

Grade E

This match didn’t really help either star. Lashley is in the doldrums and so is Ryder, at the moment.

McIntyre destroys a cage

Drew McIntyre showed that he can take on the biggest stars in WWE too.

Drew McIntyre WWE Raw results, winners, grades highlights and reaction
Drew McIntyre beat Erick Rowan easily (Credit: WWE)

He surprised Lesnar with a sneak attack last week and was up against Erick Rowan this time. The Scottish Psychopath took the fight outside as he even crushed Rowan’s steel cage which contained a spider.

McIntyre won the match and sent a message to his WrestleMania opponent too.

McIntyre beats Rowan

Grade B

WWE made McIntyre look like a force again while they buried Rowan. Lesnar will have a fight on his hands at WrestleMania, and hopefully, it will be a good one.

Kabuki Warriors impress

The Women’s tag team champions were in action against Liv Morgan and Natalya. Now, the pairing or Morgan and Natalya didn’t really help the story, however, they put on a good fight.

Their chances of winning were slim after the entry of Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The pair fought and that saw Morgan get dragged into it as the former Riott Squad members got going.

The Kabuki Warriors took advantage of the situation with Asuka picking up the win.

Kabuki Warriors beat Natalya and Morgan

Grade C

The match wasn’t all that great at the start given the random pairing but we saw a bit of progress in the Riott Squad storyline.

The Warriors also looked strong and it will be interesting to see what their plans are for WrestleMania.

Styles challenges Taker

AJ Styles has been hit by the Undertaker in two PPVs and well, he came out to challenge the Deadman.

Undertake AJ styles WWE Preview Raw
Undertaker vs AJ Styles seems set for WrestleMania 36 (Credit: WWE)

Styles made a series of personal attacks on the Deadman and questioned why he was still wrestling.

He claimed he would end Taker and also took a shot at his wife, Michelle McCool.

Grade C

This was bound to happen and well a match between Taker and Styles seems set for WrestleMania.

However, the Deadman isn’t in the best of shapes these days and bringing him does ensure a loud cheer, but can he perform against a top star like Styles?

Riddick Moss in action

The 24/7 champion, Moss, was back in action against Cedric Alexander. Moss was at the top of his game and put away the challenger easily to keep the title.

Moss beats Alexander

Grade C

WWE seems to have changed how they deal with the 24/7 championship. It is defended in a regular match nowadays and Moss was made to look great.

He still needs to get over with the crowd, but at least WWE is trying something different with the title.


MVP was in the ring before Edge came out and attacked him. MVP tried to speak about Beth Phoenix but Edge was having none of it and speared him.

Edge attacked MVP before hitting an RKO on Randy Orton (Credit: WWE)

Randy Orton was the next to come out but an angry Edge gave the Viper an RKO. He then went out to get some steel chairs but Orton left the ring.

Edge then attacked MVP while staring at Orton as the bad blood continues to fester.

Grade A

An angry Edge coming up and destroying everything in his sights was perfect after last week’s attack by Orton.

The WrestleMania bout seems set and both veterans should put on a fantastic showing in a month’s time.

Black picks up big win

Aleister Black was in action against another top star as he took on Seth Rollins. The Dutch destroyer beat AJ Styles at Elimination Chamber and this was another great test.

Seth Rollins WWE Raw results, winners, grades highlights and reaction
Seth Rollins attacked Kevin Owens after his match (Credit: WWE)

Black seemed set for a big win before Murphy, his former rival, came in to make the save. That gave Black a DQ win and Seth Rollins called in the AOP to beat Black down.

However, The Viking Raiders and Street Profits came in to level the playing field.

Black beats Rollins

Grade C

Black has now made it two big wins in a row but the DQ finish ensured that Rollins still stayed strong.

The eight-man tag match seemed a little out of place and it was funny why Black wasn’t involved in the next match.

Eight-man tag madness

AOP, Rollins and Murphy took on the Viking Raiders and Street Profits. Rollins and Murphy had lost to the Street Profits at Elimination Chamber and they were looking for revenge.

Kevin Owens also had a role to play in this clash but Rollins had beaten him earlier in the evening.

This was a standard eight-man tag match with a lot of madness all around but it was Rollins who scored the win.

Rollins, AOP & Murphy beat Raiders & Profits

Grade C

Again, this felt like WWE changed something midway to include the eight-man tag. KO got a beat down after the match from Rollins and it will be interesting to see if that feud continues to grow in the coming weeks.

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