WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Rusev and Becky Lynch were all present on this episode

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: There was a lot of action on this week’s Raw and it all started with Kevin Owens facing off against Mojo Rawley.

Owens had attacked Rawley a few weeks ago, and a no DQ match was up next. Mojo sent Owens through some chairs but KO won the match by sending his opponent through a table.

After the match, Owens demanded to have a fight with Seth Rollins. The Architect came out with AOP and offered to bury the hatchet with KO, but Owens hit him with a superkick.

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction
Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens meet after KO’s match (Image credit: WWE)

KO was waylaid by AOP and Rollins had the last laugh with a curb stomp before leaving.

Owens beats Rawley

Grade A

This was a great start to the night as the feud between Rollins and Owens continued. Rawley got a decent run out too and looked great in the ring.

AOP and Rollins vs KO seems a certainly but it cannot be a three-on-one handicap match, can it?

24/7 championship changes hands

This was another crazy 24/7 segment as Truth got lost in Manhattan. Akira Tozawa was able to get the title from the longest reigning 24/7 champion.

However, Santa Clause then won the title over Tozawa. Truth was finally able to recover his title and keep the crown. The segments were spread across the show, and this was a capsulation of all that happened.

Lots of madness as Truth loses and regains the title

Grade A

Christmas themed matches are fun and this was a decent segment in the 24/7 journey. This was certainly enjoyable and one of the best 24/7 vignettes in recent months.

Lana is getting married soon

It was Bobby Lashley vs Cedric Alexander next but Lana had some important news midway through the clash.


The Russian added that she was getting married to Lashley next week. Alexander, though, controlled most of the match and was unlucky to lose out to Lashley.

Lashley beats Alexander

Grade C

Alexander looked great in the clash and it was a pity he didn’t get the win. The announcement from Lana could have happened after the match but it seems WWE won’t stop with this storyline anytime soon.

Psychopath on a rampage

Drew McIntyre was up against Zak Ryder and made light work of the Browski. He hit him with a Claymore kick and then a future shock DDT.


Curt Hawkins was also hit with a Claymore as McIntyre ended 2019 with a bang.

McIntyre beats Ryder

Grade B

A quick squash match but McIntyre deserves so much more. The Scot hasn’t been given the time to shine and hopefully, 2020 is different for Drew.

Becky wants to fight Asuka

As had been teased last week, Becky Lynch came out and challenged Asuka to a match, anytime and anywhere.


The Empress of Tomorrow came out with her tag partner, and accepted the challenge but didn’t suggest when it would take place.

Grade B

Simple and to the point. Asuka vs Lynch should be great and hopefully, it takes place sooner rather than later.

Black and Murphy in action

Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy continued their feud from TLC as both were up against local talent.

The pair made light work of their opponents before Black tried to shake hands with Murphy.

Murphy decided not to take up the invitation and was hit with the Black Mass.


They will be in action next week and that is going to be another fantastic clash.

Black and Murphy win their respective clashes

Grade C

The squash matches weren’t all that great but a clash between Murphy and Black should bring the house down next week.

Ricochet vs Tony Nese

This was a great bout between two wrestlers. Tony Nese hasn’t been given a lot of time in recent weeks, but he matched Ricochet really well.

Ricochet and Tony Nese WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction
Ricochet picked up a quick win over Tony Nese (image credit: WWE)

In the end, it was Ricochet who picked up the win with the recoil.

Ricochet beats Nese

Grade C

This was done to push Ricochet further but Nese should get more time for his quality.

The Queen is back

Charlotte was back in action and this time in singles competition. She was up against Chelsea Green from NXT and won the clash.


The match was similar to Asuka’s clash against Deonna Purrazzo. Green got some hits on Charlotte, but the Queen won thanks to the Figure 8.

Charlotte beats Green

Grade C

This win didn’t really do much for Charlotte, and Green looked a little decent in the match.

Six-man tag action

The Viking Raiders teamed up with Randy Orton to face the OC, and it didn’t go well for the Viper.

The Raiders started the match on fire but ultimately the team work of the OC won the clash.


Orton already had a bad knee and hit a couple of RKOs to Luke Gallows and Karl Andersen, however, it was Styles that picked up the win thanks to a Phenomenal Forearm.

The OC beat Orton and Viking Raiders

Grade B

A great match which showcased the quality of the OC. It is a pity we can’t see them regularly in six-man action.

Local squash

Erick Rowan was at it again and squashed another competitor on Raw. There was the continuation of the pet cover angle and Rowan hit two iron claws for the win.


Rowan beats Travis Horn

Grade E

WWE is dragging this storyline a lot. I complained about in previously and can’t see why they don’t do something interesting with this.

Happy Rusev Day

Rusev seems to be enjoying his life without Lana as he was up against No Way Jose. The Bulgarian made short work of Jose before celebrating with the conga line and having a blast.


He seems happy now, and it will be interesting to see what happens next with him.

Rusev beats Jose

Grade C

The match wasn’t anything great but the core story was Rusev gaining his happiness and freedom back.

It was nice seeing him smile and hopefully, he can stay away from the Lana-Lashley marriage, but I doubt he will.

US title on the line

The match was between the US champion Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins but there was much more than that.

AOP were there to help Rollins and caused a DQ as they attacked Mysterio later on. Winning the title didn’t seem to be on the Architect’s mind as AOP wanted to send Mysterio through the announce table.


Samoa Joe, on commentary duty, resisted and was sent through the table instead. Rollins hit Mysterio with a curb stomp too.

Mysterio beats Rollins via DQ

Grade B

The match between the two was great and it would have been excellent if a proper result came out.

KO was one of the earlier people targeted by AOP and Rollins and Joe is now on the list.

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That could see the Samoan Submission Machine in ring action soon, which will be great.

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