WWE RAW Results, winners, and grades, 11 Apr 2022: The Miz versus Cody Rhodes


WWE RAW Results, winners, and grades: Veer Mahaan decimates the Mysterios while the Damien Priest versus AJ Styles match came to a creepy end.

And, we start with the RAW results, winners, and grades.

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The Miz TV with Cody Rhodes as the special guest

Miz insulted Cody and said that while he was gone, RAW became the A-lister’s show. Cody said he respected The Miz but he saw that he hadn’t changed at all in all these years. Cody also mentioned that Miz was afraid of him. Miz tried to blindside Cody but the latter threw him out of the ring.

Veer Mahaan versus Dominik Mysterio

Rey didn’t accompany Dominik for the match. Dom went after Veer early on in the match with a few punches but Veer thwarted him away. It was all Mahaan from thereon. He delivered some heavy blows and heavier clotheslines. Dom used his quickness to send Mahaan out of the ring through the middle ropes. He attempted a splash over the ropes but Mahaan caught him in mid-air and delivered a devastating drop.

Back in the ring, another heavy clothesline and Mahaan would lock in the devastating submission move that he executed last week and this led to an instant tap out. After the match ended, Mahaan once again got the lock in as many officials had to intervene and stop him. Dom was stretchered backstage and put into an ambulance and carried out of the arena.

Result – Veer Mahaan beat Dominik Mysterio

Grade – D

AJ Styles versus Damien Priest

A segment was shown from earlier on in the night when AJ Styles was being interviewed backstage. Priest was walking by. As Styles saw his nemesis, he launched an attack and a brawl ensued.

The match was made official as Styles made his entrance first. Out came Damien Priest but he was alone. The match began as Styles was all fired up. A knee on the apron and then a Phenomenal Forearm outside the ring. Styles then slammed Priest’s head on the announce table. Styles went back inside the ring and delivered another Phenomenal Forearm on Priest, who was reeling on the outside.

Towards the later stages, Priest knocked Styles off the apron with a kick. Priest knelt down in the ring with his arms raised. The lights went out and then it turned blue like it is when Edge cuts his promos.

Backstage, AJ Styles, who had cuts on his face, was interviewed by Schreiber. He said he didn’t care what Edge or anyone else did because they wouldn’t stop him from getting to Priest

Result- No contest

Grade – C

Cody Rhodes versus The Miz

After Cody and Miz entered the ring, Seth Rollins’ music hit as he came to ringside. The Miz took advantage of the distraction but Cody quickly got back into the match. Cody lifted Miz and dropped him face first. Miz fought back with a headlock and took control of the match when he kicked Cody off the apron with a big boot.

After taking some beating, Rhodes was all pumped up as he delivered a couple of clotheslines and then a slam. Miz attacked Cody’s knee and locked in the Figure-Four but the American Nightmare reversed. Miz managed to get to the ropes. Cody had to break the hold but he delivered a Cody Cutter and followed it up with Cross Rhodes.

After the match, Cody was celebrating when Rollins entered with a mic. Rollins said that he was a surprise opponent so he wasn’t ready. Now Seth knows what Cody is and he challenged him for a rematch which Cody accepted.

Result – Cody Rhodes beat The Miz

Grade – A

Tommaso Ciampa is on RAW

Backstage, Ciampa was introduced by Kevin Patrick as the newest member of RAW. The interview was interrupted by Ezekiel. He introduced himself to Ciampa as Elias’ younger brother. Kevin Owens came and he once again said that Ezekiel was lying. He warned Ciampa to not take his crap as he is Elias, just without the beard and the guitar.

Ezekiel left while Ciampa was convinced he was who he said he was. Owens, however, was livid as he told Ciampa to grow up.

Liv Morgan versus Naomi

The match began at a fast pace. Naomi showed her athleticism as she took Liv out with a kick. Morgan kept coming back, however. Liv went to the top rope but Naomi caught her mid-air and delivered a powerbomb.

After a few consecutive roll-ups, Naomi picked up the victory as she celebrated her victory with Sasha Banks. The match lasted for just over a couple of minutes.

Result – Naomi beat Liv Morgan

Grade – C

Bobby Lashley wreaks havoc on the VIP Lounge

MVP was set to have Omos as his special guest on the VIP Lounge but Lashley came out through the curtains and entered the ring. He took a mic and said that he self-invited himself. He said he trusted MVP as the only man who would have his back.

The Almighty wanted answers as to why MVP did what he did last week. MVP came out on the stage area with Omos for the company. He claimed that he made Lashley and he took him from obscurity and pulled him to the top. MVP felt that after all he did for Lashley, the former WWE Champion didn’t need him anymore. MVP went on to say that Lashley survived in the first match against Omos but in a rematch, he won’t be able to succeed.

An irate Lashley destroyed the set of the VIP Lounge tossing sofas at will as MVP and Omos looked on from the stage area.

Akira Tozawa, Reggie, and R-Truth were shown at a bachelor party with three unnamed guys. Reggie revealed that there was also a double bachelorette party in place. Truth was concerned about what might happen to Brooke and her 24/7 Title, and then said they had a bachelorette party to crash.

Bianca Belair versus Queen Zelina

Backstage, Austin Theory went to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and told them that Vince McMahon had promised him a shot at Finn Balor’s United States Championship. Pearce said they were well aware. Theory revealed that he and Vince decided that Austin didn’t suit him.

Pearce called him Theory and made his match against Finn Balor for the United States Championship official for next week’s RAW.

Kevin Owens entered as Theory left. Owens was wearing a Dusty Rhodes t-shirt. He wanted to have a lie detector test on Ezekiel next week and Deville agreed.

Deville also informed Pearce that she would name Bianca Belair’s next opponent.

The match began as Belair weathered the initial storm and took control. Belair placed Zelina on the top rope and then pressed her over her head and performed some squats before dropping her face first in the ring. Belair followed up with the KOD to pick up a comprehensive win.

Sonya Deville is Bianca Belair’s next opponent

After the match, Deville came to the ring and said how difficult it was to find Bianca’s next opponent. He also named a few potential opponents. Belair said she was ready to take on anyone on the roster. Deville made her sign a contract and then said her opponent is a generational talent as she looked towards the stage area. Belair took her eyes off Deville and the latter executed an assault on the EST. Pearce and other officials came to the ring to check on Bianca after Deville had already signed the contract and announced to the RAW Women’s Champion that she was her next challenger.

Result – Bianca Belair beat Queen Zelina

Grade – D

Dana Brooke and Tamina were seen enjoying their bachelorette party with a few other women. Brooke thanked Tamina for agreeing to their truce so that they could enjoy the party. Tamina mentioned that the truce was only valid until they had completed their respective honeymoons.

Los Lotharios came and gave a kiss to Tamina and Brooke. Nikki ASH showed up and tried to pin Brooke but was placed on the bar and shoved down for her trouble.

R-Truth, Reggie, and Tozawa showed up. Truth said nobody loved the 24/7 Title more than him but he ordered all the attacks on Brooke to stop until they had a double wedding next week. Truth showed his ordained minister certificate to the camera to close the segment.

RK-Bro versus Alpha Academy

Otis took control of the match early on after knocking down Riddle. In tandem offense from Alpha Academy kept wearing down Riddle. Orton was kept waiting for a long time on the apron but Riddle couldn’t get the opportunity to tag thanks to a relentless assault by Alpha Academy.

Riddle, after some time finally managed to make the tag as a fresh Orton took out both opponents. The Viper delivered a DDT from the ropes on Gable. He followed up with the RKO to finish the match.

Result – RK-Bro beat Alpha Academy

Grade – B

After the match, The Usos came out of an SUV backstage and made their way to the ring. Orton said The Big Dog lets his bitches off their leash. The Usos challenged Orton and Riddle to a Title unification match. RK-Bro was about to respond to the challenge when The Street Profits interrupted. They accused The Usos of cutting the line and taking their spot.

The Street Profits said they will be happy to take on The Usos after they win the titles from RK-Bro. Orton called for a match between The Usos and The Street Profits.

The Street Profits versus The Usos

A grueling match that went back and forth. High-flying action from two very talented tag teams. Certainly, the best match of the night as the two teams even brought out the “This is awesome” chants from the WWE Universe.

The Usos dominated the middle phase of the match by making quick tags and keeping Angelo Dawkins in their corner. Montez Ford was at his high-flying best as he took out Jimmy and Jey outside the ring with a thrilling somersault.

Towards the closing stages, Dawkins countered a frog splash by getting his knees up. Ford took advantage as he delivered his splash from the top rope but Jimmy broke the pin.

The Usos won the match by delivering the 1D. After the match, Orton and Riddle entered the ring as the RAW Tag champs and SmackDown Tag champs had a stand-off before The Usos exited the ring.

Dawkins returned to the ring and tackled Riddle, causing them both to tumble over the ropes. Ford was in the ring reeling from the effects of an intense match and took an RKO from Orton. The Usos returned and dropped Orton with a double superkick. The Usos held up the Raw and Smackdown Tag Title belts to close the show.

Result – The Usos beat The Street Profits

Grade – A

Overall Show Grade – B

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