WWE Raw Results, winners, and grades, 8th August 2022: WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament begins


We start with the Raw results, winners, and grades.

Finally, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament will commence this week on RAW. Bobby Lashley will defend the United States Championships against Ciampa. Rey Mysterio takes on Finn Balor.

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Bayley, Io Sky, and Dakota Kai make their way to the ring

Bayley gave a mouthful to the WWE Universe for booing her. She said that she is back to bring back the hunger, which has been missing for so long in WWE.

Dakota Kai said that she and Io Sky will win the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament and prove their mettle to everyone.

Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Bianca Belair entered the scene. Bliss and Asuka mention how Sky and Kai will be their opponents if they progress from the first round. Bayley challenged the babyfaces to a trios match at Clash at the Castle. Belair accepted and a brawl broke out with all six women throwing the kitchen sink at each other. Eventually, a number of referees and officials came out to stop them. Bliss delivered a crossbody off the barricade.

Angelo Dawkins versus Seth Rollins

Angelo Dawkins gave a good account of himself but the experienced campaigner – Rollins got the better off him as he got the win after delivering a Pedigree.

After the match, Rollins hit a Blackout to make a statement.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Grade – B+

Edge met The Mysterios backstage. He admitted that he mistakenly speared Dominik last week. The WWE Hall of Famer asked if they were cool. Mysterio said they are before shoving Edge and taking leave even as Rey tried to be the peacemaker.

Ciampa and The Miz were interviewed backstage. The A-Lister ran down Logan Paul before Ciampa said that he will dedicate his United States Championship match against Bobby Lashley tonight to Harley Race.

Ezekiel versus Kevin Owens

As the bell rung, Kevin Owens began to brutally assault Ezekiel. He delivered a powerbomb on the apron. The referee stopped the match and called the medical team to check on Ezekiel.

Due to Owens’ vicious beatdown, Ezekiel was stretchered backstage.

Winner – No finish

Fin Balor versus Rey Mysterio

Before the match, Balor mentioned how Dom had abandoned Rey and Edge. Damian Priest challenged Edge to a match on next week’s episode of RAW. Backstage, we see Edge and Rey having a discussion and the latter says that Dom will get back to his senses prior to the match against Balor that was up next.

The match began. Rey found it difficult to match Balor’s aggressive style from the get-go. However, Rey did have a saying later on in the match as he reversed a back body drop and sent Balor into the turnbuckles with head scissors.

Rey was about to hit a 619 but Rhea Ripley came out to the stage area with Dominik on her shoulders. She dropped Dominik who was all battered and bruised. Rey got distracted and Balor took advantage. The Prince won the match with a Coup de Grace.

Winner – Finn Balor

Grade – B

Dana Brooke was interviewed backstage. She said she chose Tamina as her opponent. Bayley rolled up and said her team is going to win because she was one of the inaugural tag champs.

Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky versus Tamina and Dana Brooke – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament first round match

Brooke hit a diving crossbody to take both her opponents out. Tamina showed her power game as well. Towards the closing stages of the match, Tamina got hit with a big boot from Dakota Kai.

Sky tagged in and executed a picture-perfect moonsault to get the pinfall victory. Bayley also used some heel antics during the match which gave her stablemates an upper hand.

Winner – Dakota Kai and Io Sky

Grade – B

Kevin Owens was interviewed backstage. He said that there have been more eyes on the show now than there have been in some time. He ended by saying that this is still the Kevin Owens show.

In the background, we saw Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H looking at a car that had driven into a barricade in the loading dock.

Bobby Lashley (c) versus Ciampa – WWE United States Championship match

Bobby Lashley was in total control of the match but The Miz distracted The Almighty to allow Ciampa to take control.
However, the Blackheart couldn’t nail the final blow. Lashley hit a spear and went for a cover but Miz put Ciampa’s foot on the rope. AJ Styles came out to take out Miz. The distraction allowed Ciampa to send Lashley into an exposed turnbuckle. He followed it up with a devastating knee strike but Lashley hung on. Eventually, Lashley applied the Hurt Lock and made the heel tap out.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

Grade – A

After returning from a break, we saw a video of Styles and Miz brawling backstage. Later, we got the confirmation that Styles will take on Miz later on in the show.

Omos versus Andrea Guercio and Spencer Slade – Handicap match

The big man dominated the match from the beginning and didn’t give his opponents a sniff. In the end, a double-handed chokeslam allowed him to pick up a comfortable win.

Winner – Omos

Grade – D

Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage. He said that he is the gatekeeper of this industry. He added that Riddle is great at flushing his own potential down the toilet. If anyone doubts him then he can ask Dana White. Riddle is scheduled to give an update on his injury status next week. Rollins said that he will also have something to say next week.

Chad Gable versus Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler started the match brightly but Chad Gable soon began to dominate the proceedings. He focused his attention on Ziggler’s leg and applied an ankle lock.

However, in the end, Ziggler got the win after delivering a Superkick. This was after he landed on his feet from an attempted Olympic Slam from the heel.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Grade – B

We saw a video where Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop spoke about how they will outperform Bliss and Asuka next week. Bliss and Asuka cut a promo of their own from another place backstage. Bayley and co. rolled up and began to run down the two former world champs. Some members of the crew rushed by as Bayley and co. took a leave.

AJ Styles versus The Miz – No Disqualification match

AJ Styles took out Miz early on in the match and then began choosing his weapon of destruction. A kendo stick? Nope.. Maybe a steel chair? Nope.. Styles eventually settled for a table but he took too much time as Miz wiped him out with a dropkick.

Both men got up on the announce table. Miz shoved Styles over the barricade and into the crowd area. Upon returning from a commercial break, Miz was in full control assaulting Styles with a kendo stick.

Styles got back into the match with a Pele Kick. Both men went for the kendo stick and Styles got hold of it first. The Phenomenal One assaulted his nemesis with the kendo stick and delivered a Russian Leg Sweep.

Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm and went for the cover but before the three count, Ciampa pulled the referee out of the ring. Ciampa got dumped into a table for his efforts.

Miz got a lot of time to recover. He delivered a Skull Crushing Finale but Styles kicked out. Miz assaulted Styles with a kendo stick but the former TNA star managed to get the win after hitting the Styles Clash.

Winner – AJ Styles

Grade – A

We saw members of the security team escorting Dexter Lumis from the front row as Styles watched things unfold with a perplexed look on his face.

Overall show grade – A

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