WWE Raw results and winners: Randy Orton returned to Raw after almost 2 months

SummerSlam was on the minds of many as the WWE PPV was just a couple of weeks away. One big talking point was Goldberg taking on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley but Randy Orton returning certainly was interesting.

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle on WWE Raw
Randy Orton speaks to Matt Riddle on WWE Raw (WWE)

Charlotte Flair was also to speak after her loss to Nikki ASH but we start off this WWE Raw results and winners piece with The Viper.

The Viper is back; Baron Corbin on Raw

Orton was happy to be back on Raw but as Matt Riddle wanted to restart their team up, the Viper wasn’t took keen on this.

AJ Styles and Omos mocked Orton and that led to a singles match being set up for later in the evening.

Riddle and Orton tried to RKO Omos but failed. Omos attacked Riddle and Orton just walked away from all this.

Baron Corbin was paid by Jinder Mahal to appear on Raw and he took on Drew McIntyre. Corbin begged McIntyre for $100,000 but the Scot laughed, hit a claymore and got the win.

Drew McIntyre beats Baron Corbin

Jeff Hardy vs Karrion Kross

The next match was between Karrion Kross and Jeff Hardy. Kross had lost to Hardy a few weeks back, but he picked up the win after a submission and then choked Hardy out.

Karrion Kross beats Jeff Hardy

Alexa Bliss in action against Doudrop

Doudrop vs Alexa Bliss started with chants of the fans wanted Bray Wyatt back. Bliss did her bit of freaking Doudrop out and Lilly winked at Doudrop to help Bliss get the win.

Alexa Bliss beats Doudrop

Ricochet vs Sheamus

Sheamus and Ricochet met in the ring next and the pair traded a ton of blows. The pair put on quite a show and it was Sheamus who got the win in the end.

Sheamus beats Ricochet

Damian Priest vs John Morrison

Damian Priest had a bit of a face to face with Sheamus before his match against John Morrison on WWE Raw next.

The Miz was also by ring side and it came out that he was faking an injury while in the wheelchair as he stood up.

Priest got the win and chased The Miz away before Sheamus accepted a challenge from Priest at SummerSlam.

Damian Priest beats John Morrison

T-Bar vs Mustafa Ali

Mansoor gifted Mustafa Ali a gift to apologise for costing him the match last week.

Ali took on T-Bar and it was T-Bar who got the win in the end after Mace and Mansoor clashed outside of the ring.

T-Bar beats Mustafa Ali

Nikki ASH vs Rhea Ripley

Nikki cut a promo where she sold her hurt ribs and how she was ready to face anything.

She started the match well before Ripley took control by targeting the ribs. However, Charlotte came out from nowhere to attack Nikki and Ripley.

Randy Orton hits the RKO

Orton came out all alone to face Styles with Omos standing guard. Omos caused many distractions to help Styles but Riddle came out to nullify that.

Orton hit an incredible RKO as Styles tried to execute the flying forearm. Riddle then tried to get Orton back and the pair hugged before Orton hit the RKO on Riddle to end the show.

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