WWE RAW Results, winners, and grades, 4 Apr 2022: Edge and Damien Priest assault AJ Styles


WWE RAW Results, winners, and grades: Veer Mahaan finally makes his debut on the RAW after WrestleMania, MVP betrayed Bobby Lashley, and more – WWE Raw Resultse

And, we start with the RAW results, winners, and grades.

Cody Rhodes’ emotional promo

Cody Rhodes kicked off this week’s episode of RAW and he received a great ovation. The American Nightmare was almost moved to tears.

Rhodes showed us a picture on the Titanron of his hero and father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. He said that the photo was taken at Madison Square Garden in 1977. Dusty was holding the title that the likes of Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H had held at some point in time. Cody said that this photo was on the mantle in his parent’s bedroom until his father’s last day. He said that he could muster up enough courage to tell his father he didn’t know he was a champion like Hogan was.

Dusty had replied back then that it was the champion’s advantage. Dusty won the match via count-out but as there was the champion’s advantage, the title didn’t change hands.

Cody revealed he was 8 years old back then and he knew he had to win the title one day. He said he would bestow it into the hands of The American Dream, and tell him that no one will be able to take it away from him now.

Raw Results Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes
Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes

Cody understood that he can’t physically hand over the title anymore as he’s father had passed away a few years ago but he can still put the title around his own waist.

The emotionally charged promo was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Rhodes dropped his mic upon Rollins’ arrival in the ring. The former AEW star offered a handshake and Rollins obliged. Rollins said something to Cody and Graves would claim it to be “Welcome home” as the segment ended with Rollins leaving and Cody left standing in the ring.

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley versus Women Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi

Liv and Ripley had to win this match to become the No.1 contenders for the tag titles.

Some high octane action was on display as Banks delivered a Meteora from the apron on Morgan. Ripley leaped from the apron to take out Banks.

Inside the ring, Naomi hit a leg drop on Ripley for a 2 count. The veteran would deliver a springboard kick. Both women make the tag to their respective partners. Banks hit another Meteora inside the ring. A little miscommunication between Liv and Rhea towards the end and the champions took advantage. Sasha and Naomi took out Liv with the same move they used to win the titles at ‘Mania. The cover from Banks and a win for the new Tag Team Champions.

Ripley looked visibly frustrated and angry at Liv after losing two matches in the name number of days. She left the stage alone leaving Morgan behind.

Result – Sasha Banks and Naomi beat Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley

Grade – B

Elias returns?

Kevin Owens came out to the ring. He admitted that he underestimated Steve Austin at WrestleMania. He said that Austin is still great and he needed to be so when he stepped into the ring with the greatest of all time. Owens then continued saying that he had a bad back injury and was not at a 100% so Austin’s win should be stricken from the record books.

Elias came out with a completely new look and outfit. Owens asked if he was Elias and where he had been for so long. Elias said that he wasn’t the person Owens thought he was. In fact, he said that he was Elias’ younger brother Ezekiel. Owens called him a liar and said he hates liars. Ezekiel came back saying he should hate himself then as he had lied to Austin.

Owens gave him 10 seconds to leave the ring but Ezekiel didn’t move. Owens ended up leaving the ring to avoid further confrontation on the night.

Dominik Mysterio versus The Miz

The A-lister made quick work of Dom as he ended the match with a Skull Crushing Finale after withstanding a brief flurry of offense.

As Miz celebrated in the ring and Rey came out to check on Dominik, Veer Mahaan arrived. The awesome one retreated quickly as Mahaan took out Dominik with a heavy blow. Mahaan took out Rey with a thunderous clothesline and smashes him into the mat.

The big man focused his attention once again on Dominik as he held him in a modified Camel Clutch submission. Dominik tapped out but Mahaan wouldn’t relent. After a while, he did let go and fans booed him at the top of their lungs.

Result – The Miz beat Dominik Mysterio

Grade – D

Bianca Belair basks in the glory of her title win at ‘Mania

Bianca Belair came to the ring and thanked everyone for not giving up on her. She said RAW deserved better than Becky Lynch and she became the better one.

Bianca also mentioned that she wants to be a fighting champion and is willing to take on anyone in the locker room.

Bron Breakker versus Dolph Ziggler (c) NXT Champion

After a brilliant match at NXT Stand & Deliver, Ziggler and Breakker put on another thrilling match on RAW. Both men went back and forth with Roode trying his best to get into the head of Breakker.

Ziggler superkicked Breakker after raking his eyes but Breakker didn’t give up. Ziggler waited for Breakker to get up so that he could deliver another superkick. However, Breakker came up with a huge spear. Breakker pressed Ziggler and delivered a thunderous powerslam to win back his title.

Result – Bron Breakker beat Dolph Ziggler

Grade – A

MVP is back

MVP returned to RAW and introduced Bobby Lashley. Both men hugged each other in the ring. MVP went on hyping Lashley after his phenomenal win against “The Colossus” Omos at ‘Mania.

The giant Omos appeared in the ring and told Lashley that his win at ‘Mania was a fluke. Omos challenged Lashley to a rematch as the two men stood face to face. However, MVP hit Lashley from behind and betrayed the former WWE Champion. Both Omos and MVP continued assaulting Lashley.

Rhea Ripley informed Morgan backstage that they have a match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles next week. Morgan was visibly very happy as the segment ended with both women on the same page.

Queen Zelina attacks Carmella

Carmella and Queen Zelina were scheduled to face Natalya and Shayna Baszler in a tag team match. However, Zelina said she had something to get off her chest first. Zelina blamed Carmella for them losing their tag titles at ‘Mania. Zelina said Carmella is always too busy with herself and obsessed with her man Corey Graves.

Carmella retorted saying that she thought Vega would be one of her bridesmaids at the wedding, but now she can only be a flower girl. An enraged Vega hit Carmella with a forearm. Carmella escaped to Graves and sat on his lap. Zelina pulled Carmella by her hair to the mat on the ringside. Graves would console Carmella with a kiss that went on for quite some time.

The Usos and Austin Theory versus RK-Bro and Finn Balor

This match happened at a rapid pace. Towards the end, Randy Orton couldn’t execute the RKO he attempted on Jimmy as Theory hit him with a rolling dropkick. Balor took out Theory with a kick from the apron. He missed with the Coup de Grace as Theory rolled away.

In the end, Riddle flew off the top rope but Jey Uso kicked him mid-air. Balor managed to take out Jey but Theory was ready to pounce as he delivered The ATL for the pinfall to win the match.

Result – The Usos and Austin Theory beat RK-Bro and Finn Balor

Grade – B

Edge and Damien Priest brutally assault AJ Styles

Damien Priest gave the reason for his decision to choose Edge at WrestleMania. Priest said that he liked everything that Edge said during his promos and how trying to please the WWE Universe made him weaker.

Priest said that he had always looked up to Edge and the Rated-R Superstar will guide him going ahead. Edge said he knew Styles would keep coming back and much to his dismay, “The Phenomenal” one appeared.

Priest charged out of the ring to take out Styles but the opposite happened. Styles then went into the ring and dished out a beatdown on Edge as he pushed him into the ring post. Before he could inflict more damage, Priest returned to take him out. Priest delivered a leg sweep as Edge hit Styles with a spear, simultaneously.

Before they could do some serious damage, Jamie Noble and the referees came out to stop them in their tracks.

The Street Profits versus The Alpha Academy

Otis and Chad Gable attacked Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins from behind. Gable hit a German suplex to Ford in the ring while Otis took out Dawkins at ringside.

Adam Pearce came out and made the match a Texas Tornado Match with no rules. Gable and Ford continued fighting in the ring as the two big men Otis and Dawkins fought at ringside. Otis delivered a big splash. Gable hit a moonsault followed by Otis delivering a Vader Bomb to Ford for a 2 count.

Ford, in the end, delivered his trademark Frogsplash to put Gable through the table and got the pinfall victory.

Result – The Street Profits beat Alpha Academy

Grade – B

Roman Reigns and The Usos accompanied by Paul Heyman marched to the ring

Paul Heyman was handed the mic and he kept on heaping praises on the title reigns of The Usos and Roman Reigns. Heyman called Reigns the single-handed biggest star in sports entertainment.

Reigns took the mic and bragged about the million-dollar deals he is getting. He mentioned that he is operating in God mode. The Tribal Chief said that he is progressive and also said that he will reveal his next move on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

The show ended with The Bloodline standing tall in the middle of the ring.

Overall show grade – B