WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE had one major segment to start off Raw with two contract signings at the same time.

Samoa Joe was to conduct that as Drew McIntyre and Asuka, the two champions of Raw, were to sign deals with Dolph Ziggler and Sasha Banks respectively.

Asuka and Sasha Banks clashed later in the evening
Asuka and Sasha Banks clashed later in the evening during a mixed-tag match (WWE)

There were some other big matches also on WWE Raw and here are the results and grades from the show.

Double contract signing

The show started with Bayley and Banks beating up Asuka. Ziggler came out and traded barbs with McIntyre before their pair signed their contract.

McIntyre also allowed Ziggler to choose the stipulation for their clash at Extreme Rules before the women signed their contract too.

Grade B

It was a different start to Raw, and a good one. Sometimes a bit of action right from the start works and this one was a positive note to kick off the show.

Ziggler also getting a stipulation in now has a chance of winning the title.

Big Show, Andrade and Angel Garza

Angel Garza and Andrade were to fight the Viking Raiders but Big Show wanted to speak about his rivalry with Randy Orton. When Show came out, Garza and Andrade also appeared as they seem to have spoken with Ric Flair to possibly attack Show.

However, the Viking Raiders came out to make the save. They faced off against Andrade and Garza and it were the heels who won after some problems during the clash.

The Big Show came out to speak about Randy Orton
The Big Show came out to speak about Randy Orton (WWE)

Garza and Andrade beat The Raiders

Grade B

The match itself was great, even with some tensions between Garza and Andrade. However, Big Show coming in the middle of all this made little sense.

24/7 title on the line

Akira Tozawa, the champion, came out with some ninjas for backup. However, Truth used some of his comedic timing to reclaim the title.

Truth beats Tozawa

Grade C

Tozawa losing the title so quickly after winning it doesn’t bode well for the wrestler or the championship. Truth as the champion is something else, but WWE has to make the 24/7 title at least feel important at times.

The Messiah in action

Seth Rollins came out to speak about Rey Mysterio and what all he would do to him. Mysterio asked Dominik for forgiveness as he promised to destroy Rollins.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo came out to challenge Rollins and Murphy. While Black and Carrillo had some great moments, it was Rollins and Murphy who got the win.

Rollins then attacked Carrillo after the match too.

Rollins and Murphy beat Black and Carrillo

Grade B

Rollins was, again, on point with his promo but he is great in the ring too. He did well in the clash and picked up an important win to build momentum for his clash against Mysterio.

Riott back

Ruby Riott was trying to get back with Liv Morgan but ended up challenging one of the IIconics.

It was Peyton Royce taking on Riott and Riott ended up losing the clash.

Royce beats Riott

Grade C

Riott and Morgan teaming up is set for sure, especially after this loss. Hopefully, WWE can build something good around them as both need a direction.

Show in a handicap match

Big Show came out to face Andrade and Garza in a handicap match. However, Garza and Andrade argued on who would face Show first.

Andrade then forced himself into the match after Garza got some damage on show. That seemed to upset Garza as he walked out on El Idolo who got beaten up.

Angel Garza walked out on Andrade during their match against Big Show
Angel Garza walked out on Andrade during their match against Big Show (Twitter)

Show beats Andrade and Garza

Grade D

This segment barely made sense from the start. Garza and Andrade had beaten the Raiders and could challenge for the tag titles, but one walking out on the other wasn’t necessary.

MVP and Lashley win

MVP wanted to teach Apollo Crews for rebuffing his offers of joining up with Bobby Lashley.

Lashley provided a distraction for MVP to pick up the win and then the All Mighty locked in a Full Nelson.

Bobby Lashley had to be forced to break a full nelson on Apollo Crews
Bobby Lashley had to be forced to break a full nelson on Apollo Crews (WWE)

However, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander came out to save Crews.

Lashley then faced Ricochet and absolutely dominated his opponent to pick up the win. He hit the submission hold on both stars after the win as MVP celebrated.

MVP beats Crews

Lashley beats Ricochet

Grade A

MVP on the mic was great and he looked good in the win over Crews. The rivalry between them will continue but special mention to Lashley who looks as dominant as he has ever been in WWE.

McIntyre and Asuka team up

The main event of the evening saw McIntyre and Asuka team up to face Ziggler and Banks in a mixed-tag match.

Bayley was on commentary and she did her best to put her team over. While McIntyre dominated Ziggler due to the size difference, it was more even between Asuka and Banks.

Bayley also did a bit of distracting but Banks was able to pick up a surprise win over Asuka, which left the Japanese star shocked.

The trio of Ziggler, Bayley and Banks celebrated as Raw came to a close.

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