WWE Raw Results and Grades: This WWE Raw had a lot to look forward too as TLC 2020 was a huge success.

Charlotte Flair’s return was a huge talking point as she teamed up with Asuka to win the Women’s Tag Titles and complete a Grand Slam. Drew McIntyre also kept his WWE title despite a tremendous triple threat match.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka are the tag champions
Charlotte Flair and Asuka won the tag titles at TLC 2020 (WWE)

There were other big stories also to deal with but we start this WWE Raw Results and Grades piece with one set of new champions.

Teams want a shot at Flair and Asuka

Charlotte came out and greeted the ThunderDome for the first time. She spoke about how she was happy to help out a friend as Asuka also joined her.

It seemed that she wanted to set up a match for Asuka’s Raw Women’s title before Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax teamed up.

They wanted a rematch for their title while Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke also came out and wanted to face the new champions.

Flair suggested the two challenging teams meet up in the ring and a match was set up.

Brooke and Rose put a good account of themselves and had the former champs on the ropes. However, Baszler was able to get the submission win in the end.

Baszler and Jax beats Rose and Brooke

Grade B

The match was a pretty good one and it was a surprise how well Rose and Brooke worked as a pair. They still need to work on some aspects of their team but that should improve with time.

However, some of the back and forth on the microphone wasn’t great but it was the right decision for Jax and Baszler to get the win.

A returning face

Angel Garza had been teasing a return to action for a while and gave a quick interview before facing Drew Gulak.

Gulak had some great moments in the match but it was Garza that got the win.

Garza beats Gulak

Grade C

The match was another fine one but it felt a little too short. Garza returning is great for him and it will be interesting to see what his storyline will be.

The Miz is here

The Miz was back on Miz TV and claimed he let himself and his family down by not cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

AJ Styles was his guest and the Phenomenal One blasted Miz for not only ruining both men’s chances of winning the title.

The Miz seemed broken and apologetic and wanted to be at the top of WWE. Things almost turned sour as Omos, John Morrison and Styles also started fighting.

However, Miz claimed he should get his MITB briefcase back as it was Morrison who cashed it in and only the Miz should have been able to do that.

Drew McIntyre came out with Keith Lee and Sheamus and they recited a poem before the six men clashed.

Grade B

The Miz’s words and emotion felt genuine as he was trying to get back to the top of the WWE world.

Miz is a former WWE Champion but he has fallen on the wayside in recent years. However, the rest of the promo was good too and it set up a great match for later in the evening.

Another loss for Ricochet

T-Bar faced Ricochet in another one of these battles between Retribution members and the high flyer.

Retribution want Ali on their side and the others, Mace and Slapjack, distracted Ali for T-bar to pick up the advantage.

Ali then told Ricochet he belongs with Retribution and was hit again with a finisher for the loss.

T-bar beats Ricochet

Grade C

This storyline is dragging itself as WWE needs to decide what to do with Ricochet and Retribution. He seems to be facing them every week and the wins are being traded between the two parties.

The VIP Lounge

MVP cut a short promo before all the other three men of the team speak. They prepare for a photo shoot before R-Truth photobombs them with his 24/7 title.

The chasing pack of 24/7 title contenders then chased Truth out of the ring.

Riddle and Jeff Hardy then teamed up to face MVP and Bobby Lashley. Hardy and Riddle had their moments but it was MVP and Lashley that got the win.

MVP and Lashley beat Hardy and Riddle

Grade B

Riddle and Hardy worked well in the ring but the promo of Riddle feels childish at the moment.

Cedric Alexander looked good too but the Business didn’t address him trying to outshine Shelton Benjamin from last night.

Jaxson Ryker vs Gran Metalik

Elias was giving a promo which was cut by Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.

That turned into a brawl with Jaxson Ryker taking on Metalik. It was Ryker who got a quick win as Elias watched on.

Ryker beats Metalik

Grade D

This match made no sense whatsoever. This had no planning at all and felt like filler for something else.

Orton is here

Randy Orton was back after his Firefly Inferno match where he set The Fiend on fire.

He claimed that he had been called a lot of things like twisted and demented and he proved all of that after burning the Fiend.

He added that all he hears is Wyatt wanting air but things took a turn as The Fiend’s voice echoed in the arena.

Alexa Bliss was on a swing set when the lights came back and she wanted Orton to join her and play.

She claimed that Wyatt is home now but will be back, and Orton would have never seen something like that in his life.

Grade A

This was scary and good from WWE as they teased a new form of Wyatt but didn’t bring him back the next day.

Bliss doing the bit was great and it will be interesting to see what is next for them.

Flair and Asuka in action

Charlotte and Asuka teamed up to face Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans.

Royce and Evans cut an interview backstage about how they created this opportunity for themselves but there was a lot of friction between the pair during the match.

This allowed Charlotte and Asuka to take advantage and The Queen got Royce to tap out.

Charlotte and Asuka beat Royce and Evans

Grade B

This was expected given how big Charlotte is and having the new champs lose on their first Raw appearance would have been weird.

Main event madness

The main event saw a six-man tag match with McIntyre, Sheamus and Lee teaming up to face Styles, Morrison and Miz in a holiday street fight.

There was some friction between Sheamus and Lee and McIntyre had to step in several times to keep the team from combusting.

The two teams sent their rivals into the presents and tables all around the ring. And it was Sheamus, McIntyre and Lee who got the win.

Friction was more than evident during the end of the match as Sheamus hit Lee with a Brogue kick, something that McIntyre didn’t like.

Lee, McIntyre and Sheamus win

Grade B

This was a fun match but the real story was seeing the tension between Sheamus and Lee. Lee has been in a bit of trouble regarding his WWE Performance Centre move but going up against Sheamus will be interesting.

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