WWE Raw results and grades: This was the final Raw before the next WWE PPV, TLC, and the main talking point would have been between Randy Orton and The Fiend.

The Fiend got the better of Orton in the previous episode and that was going to be a huge battle at the PPV.

AJ Styles attacked Sheamus on Raw
AJ Styles and Omos after attacking Sheamus (WWE)

However, there was a festive feeling to Raw too and we start with this WWE results and grades piece with the Miz doing a bit of storytelling.

Story time on WWE

The Miz was in the ring with AJ Styles, Omos and then John Morrison also featuring. The Miz was reading a book which featured all the members and the story ended with Styles winning the WWE title but the Miz then getting it thanks to his Money in the Bank case.

However, Sheamus interrupted all this and a match was set up.

Grade B

This was a fun way to start off the show, even though it was a little cringey. Everyone did their bit and it was the perfect setup for the match too.

Sheamus vs Styles

Sheamus was not in a mood for games and was on point as he attacked Styles. Omos, the bodyguard of Styles, also had a role in all this as he saved his boss a couple of times.

The Phenomenal One was able to get the win in the end but he and Omos tied Sheamus to the ropes and hit him with the steel chair.

Styles beats Sheamus

Grade B

This was a brilliant match and even the interference didn’t harm it much. The big question in all this was, where was Drew McIntyre to save his friend?

Hardy Bros?

Matt Riddle was alongside Jeff Hardy as the Enigma teamed up with the New Day.

Hardy and Day were to face the Hurt Business as their rivalry continued.

Kofi Kingston, one half of the tag champions, was beaten up quite a bit before he could tag in Hardy.

However, it was the Hurt Business who got the win as Lashley used his Hurt Lock.

Hurt Business beat Hardy and New Day

Grade C

WWE tried to bring two rivalries into one and it worked for a bit. However, there was nothing that stood out from this clash but the Hardy Bros seems set for the future.

Lana vs Jax

As advertised last week, Lana was to face Nia Jax in a one-on-one clash. Asuka, the Raw Women’s Champion, gave Lana an inspirations message and she got some offence in early on.

Lana was able to use Jax’s size against her and even picked up a shock win. Shayna Baszler then attacked Lana and the tag champions kept on punishing her before Asuka saved her friend.

Lana beats Jax

Grade D

It would have been better if Lana faced Jax with more stakes at a PPV. This win was great for the Russian but all it does is continue pushing the rivalry which has become stale a bit.

New bodyguard

Elias made his way to the ring and Jaxson Ryker was his new bodyguard. Ryker, the former Forgotten Son star, claimed that Elias’ music was speaking to him and he would save the musician.

Cue the 24/7 champion coming out with several challengers and Ryker took them all out.

Grade D

The need to have a bodyguard for someone who had spoken about being a loner made no sense. WWE might be trying to save Ryker after his social media comments but it just didn’t work.

Handicap match

The Miz and Morrison teamed up to take on Keith Lee in a 2-on-1 match.

Lee dominated the pair early on but Miz and Morrison stacked their bodies up and they could get the pin win over the Limitless One.

Morrison and Miz beat Lee

Grade E

WWE just stunk up Lee big time with this segment. He basically lost to a comic duo and this didn’t help his recent problems.

He was sent back to the Performance Center and things could go worse for him.

Wyatt is here

Bray Wyatt came out a for a Firefly Fun House segment but in the Thunderdome.

He claimed things would be bad for Orton but decided to make some jokes on the Viper.

Orton then appeared on the Titantron and told Wyatt to play a game of hide and seek with him and Wyatt was more than happy to get the game started.

Grade C

This just didn’t click, Wyatt’s jokes fell flat but this whole hide and seek business wasn’t needed one bit.

Mace vs Ricochet

Last week, Ricochet was able to get the win over Slapjack and this week, he had to take on Mace.

Ricochet seemed set for the win but Mustafa Ali told T-Bar and Slapjack to interfere. That allowed Mace hit his finisher as Retribution celebration.

Mace beats Ricochet

Grade D

Another wasted segment from WWE. They have completely destroyed Retribution in a matter of weeks and this rivalry with Ricochet isn’t working.

Baszler vs Brooke

Dana Brooke looked to be in good shape against Baszler before Jax interfered and caused the DQ.

The tag champions were about to destroy Brooke but Mandy Rose made her return and attacked the pair with a kendo stick.

Just when it seemed that Rose would be destroyed too, Asuka came out to make the save as the champs were beaten down.

Brooke beats Baszler

Grade C

Another missed step for WWE as this match barely got going before it was stopped. Why have a match if it is going to be ended in a DQ.

Rose making her return was great to see but that was the only positive. WWE also decided to remove Lana from her tag title shot, which was a horrible move given how much they built this match up.

Seek and you shall receive

Wyatt spent a lot of time searching for Orton and came across Truth and Riddle for a couple of hilarious segments.

However, Orton goaded him into a room with a rocking chair and attacked Wyatt. He dumped Wyatt into a box and set it on fire before The Fiend came out and choked out The Viper.

Grade B

This was a decent enough segment, even if some of the jokes fell early on. Orton can’t destroy the Fiend and it will be interesting to see how the pair do.

Riddle vs MVP

Matt Riddle took on MVP and this match was over before it ever started. The Bro picked up a quick win and celebrated by eating a donut.

Riddle beats MVP

Grade C

This was just another filler match and it barely got going before it ended.

McIntyre is taken out

McIntyre and Styles were having a face to face interview and as expected things got out of hand. Both stars traded barbs first before McIntyre had to take out Miz and Morrison.

Omos distracted McIntyre and Styles took advantage of this by hitting McIntyre with the Forearm and then using a ladder on the champion.

He then put McIntyre through a table after climbing the ladder and picking up the title.

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