WWE Raw Results and Grades 13 July 2020: Grudge night sets up unsanctioned match


WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE had called this Raw episode as Grudge night as several rematches took place on the brand.

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler were two of the biggest stories coming into this as Ziggler still hadn’t decided on what the stipulation for their title match was going to be at Extreme Rules.

MVP and Dolph Ziggler on the VIP Lounge
MVP and Dolph Ziggler on the VIP Lounge (WWE)

Asuka and Kairi Sane would also get a shot at the Women’s Tag Titles on Monday. However, we start this WWE Raw results and grades piece with Ziggler and the VIP Lounge.

The Showoff on the VIP Lounge

MVP brought Ziggler onto the MVP Lounge and the Showoff, once again, claimed that McIntyre should thank him for all the success. Ziggler also claimed that he brought the Scot back from obscurity but the champion came out to rebut all of the claims.

McIntyre then said he would destroy his rival at Extreme Rules and even took a shot at Ziggler which floored him.

Grade B

This was a decent enough opening but it could have been more. Nothing new was said between Ziggler and McIntyre and it is weird why Ziggler isn’t letting people know what the stipulation is for their match.

Tag team elimination match

The Viking Raiders faced off against Angel Garza and Andrade in a tag team elimination match. Garza and Andrade worked well to make it a two-on-one situation at the start.

Andrade then saved Garza before getting eliminated and Garza survived a few close calls for the win.

Garza and Andrade beat the Raiders

Grade B

There still seems to be some friction between Garza and Andrade but both worked well tonight. Andrade did a lot to keep his partner in the clash and there was a show of respect in the end too.

Belair is back

The IIconics believed that Ruby Riott would be in a handicap match as she didn’t have friends. However, Bianca Belair came out of nowhere to partner Riott and evens aid she doesn’t like the IIconics.

The match went off and it was Belair that got the huge win for her team.

Belair and Riott beat IIconics

Grade C

Bringing Belair back was great but why was she made to team up with Riott? There is no real history of the pair on Raw and they didn’t address anything about Liv Morgan and her teaming up with Riott too.

Another big return

Truth decided to defend his 24/7 title against Akira Tozawa, who came down with several ninjas. However, Shayna Baszler made her WWE return after several months and destroyed the ninjas.

Shayna Baszler made light work of the Ninjas
Shayna Baszler attacked Tozawa’s ninjas on Raw (WWE)

She then warned the women’s division about giving them a reality check.

Grade B

This was the perfect way to again remind people of how great Baszler is. It seems that WWE had forgotten about her after WrestleMania but it’s great she is back and looking menacing as ever.

Owens vs Rollins

Seth Rollins spoke about the Eye for an Eye match at Extreme Rules against Rey Mysterio and thought it was just a metaphor.

Kevin Owens then interrupted before Buddy Murphy came out with Aleister Black making the save. The one-on-one match was switched as it became Black vs Murphy.

Murphy started off well and seemed to have an answer for all that Black was throwing. However, it seemed that Black was set for the win after hitting the Black Mass.

Rollins then pulled out Black before he could cover Murphy and that led to a DQ.

This then led to Owens vs Rollins with Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik also coming out.

Rollins and Owens went at it but outside interference had a role to play in this clash. Rollins raked Owens’ eye but Mysterio and Dominik distracted him.

That led to Owens hitting the stunner for the win.

Owens beats Rollins

Black beats Murphy

Grade B

This was a great segment with Rollins and Owens showing off what they are capable of doing in the ring and on the microphone.

Rey Mysterio on WWE RAw
Rey Mysterio faces Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules (WWE)

The Murphy vs Black clash might not have been needed but that delivered too. Adding Mysterio and his son to the mix also helped and Rey also warned Rollins that he was going to suffer at Extreme Rules after this clash.

Truth vs Orton

As advertised earlier in the week, Randy Orton faced off against Truth in a non-title match. Truth tried to use a distraction to get a punch in but Orton hit the RKO and picked up an easy win.

Orton lined up to take a punt but Big Show saved Truth. The Viper then challenged Show to an unsanctioned matched next week, which was accepted.

Orton beats Truth

Grade B

The unsanctioned match could be something great next week and Orton picking up an easy win was also the right call.

Orton vs Show has been building up and it will be interesting to see how the clash goes.

Ricochet vs Lashley

Bobby Lashley took on Ricochet in this clash of former champions. Ricochet had some great moves and rocked Lashley earlier on, however, it was the heel that picked up the win via the full nelson.

Cedric Alexander came out to save his partner but he too was caught in the same hold.

Lashley beats Ricochet

Grade B

Lashley looked great, as he has been doing over the past few weeks, but this clash wasn’t really needed.

We know Lashley is ready for a big shot and MVP facing Apollo Crews for the title was something WWE should have focused on.

Women’s tag team title clash

The Kabuki Warriors started off hot as Kairi Sane did extremely well to take on her rivals. Asuka and Sane even cleared the ring as the Role Models were reeling.

However, Bayley and Banks made a great comeback as The Boss started loading on Asuka. Bayley then saved her friend from the Asuka lock and Banks then countered a move to hit the Bank Statement for the win.

Banks and Bayley beat Kabuki Warriors

Grade A

This was an excellent match between four of the best in the ring. There weren’t any distractions or shenanigans as all four women excelled.

Sane also looked great in the clash, and it will be extremely interesting to see how the Role Models do in their singles clashes at Extreme Rules.

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