WWE Raw Preview: This week’s Raw lays the foundation for Extreme Rules: The Horror Show, which is the next major PPV for WWE.

Two huge title matches were confirmed last week as the Raw Women’s title and the WWE title are to be defended at Extreme Rules.

Sasha Banks challenged Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship
Sasha Banks challenged Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship

However, WWE has decided to make things interesting and this is where we start off the Raw preview.

Two champions, more problems

Dolph Ziggler challenged WWE champion Drew McIntyre for the title at Extreme Rules, and the champion accepted.

On the other hand, Sasha Banks will try to win the Raw Women’s title from Asuka and try to hold two belts at the same time, like Bayley.

Dolph Ziggler challenged Drew McIntyre for a title shot
Dolph Ziggler challenged Drew McIntyre for a title shot at Extreme Rules (WWE)

Both contract signings will take place on this week’s Raw. Samoa Joe will be conducting this, but all four wrestlers will be in the ring at the same time.

This should be a combustible event with four of the biggest names in the ring together. Joe has a tough job on his hands and it will be a miracle if there are no fisticuffs during this contract signing.

Rollins to vent out his anger?

Seth Rollins certainly was unhappy after being attacked by Dominik Mysterio a couple of weeks ago.

He also caught hold of the younger Mysterio and almost injured him the same way he did to Rey.

However, the father-son duo were saved thanks to Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black.

Dominik Mysterio attacked Seth Rollins
Dominik Mysterio attacked Seth Rollins (WWE)

Murphy and Austin Theory were doing the handy work for Rollins, and the Messiah will be back on this week’s Raw.

Rollins will be looking to exact revenge and it will be interesting to see what happens next in this growing rivalry.

The Viper bites?

Randy Orton has another rival to take out, and that is the Big Show. While Ric Flair tried to name Orton as the Greatest Wrestler Ever, Show came out and didn’t like what Orton had done to Edge and Christian.

Big Show and Randy Orton will clash
Big Show called out Randy Orton over all that he had done over the past few weeks (WWE)

The Viper warned Show that whatever happened now was all down to him, and Orton might just attack Show on this week’s Raw.

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