WWE Raw Results, winners, and grades, 23 May 2022


We start with the Raw results, winners, and grades.

What will be the Almighty challenge that Bobby Lashley has for Omos? The Miz goes one-on-one against Cody Rhodes. Veer Mahaan will be the special guest on the King’s Court.

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Riddle comes out to the ring

Riddle was looking sad after losing the tag titles last week on SmackDown. He revealed that Randy Orton was barely able to walk before the tag team unification match but the Viper knew what it meant to him and the fans.

Riddle praised The Usos but said that the way they won with the help of the “backstabbing” Roman Reigns was pathetic. The Bro promised that he will have his revenge on The Bloodline before his career comes to an end. Riddle also called Roman Reigns a “Tribal Piece of Trash”.

Riddle said he was unsure of the future of RK-Bro. However, he asked the WWE Universe to stand up on their feet and chant “RK-Bro” and the fans kept the request.

Riddle and The Street Profits versus The Usos and Sami Zayn

Riddle attacked The Usos at the stage area. The Street Profits joined him and a brawl ensued between the two teams. Referees came out to try to pull them apart as we went into a commercial break.

Angelo Dawkins and Sami Zayn got us started. A headlock from Zayn but the big man powered out and delivered a shoulder tackle followed by a dropkick. Montez Ford was tagged in and he hit a dropkick of his own. Riddle got the tag and he dropped The Usos off the ring apron. However, the legal man Zayn took Riddle out from behind. Zayn assaulted Riddle and tagged in Jey Uso. Riddle though recovered and he was full of rage as he unleashed on The Bloodline member. Riddle tagged in Ford, who was sent into the steel steps and followed by a Superkick from Jimmy Uso. We went into another commercial break.

After the break, Zayn was in control of the match as he held Ford in a headlock. When Ford tried to make the tag, Riddle was taken off the ring apron by Jey and taken out.

Ford finally made the tag to Riddle after delivering an enzuigiri on Jey. After making the tag, Riddle laid out all three of his opponents. The Street Profits took care of The Usos outside the ring. Riddle dropped Zayn with a DDT from the rope paying homage to Orton. The Usos left Zayn high and dry as Riddle won the match for his team with a well-executed RKO.

Winners- Riddle and The Street Profits

Grade – B

Bobby Lashley’s Almighty challenge for Omos and MVP

Lashley started by saying he survived last week against Omos in a Steel Cage match. However, Lashley looked at Omos and understood it was not over between the Almighty and the Colossus. The former WWE Champion revealed that he will face Omos at Hell in a Cell. Lashley called out MVP and Omos out to the ring to let them know what his challenge is.

MVP and Omos came out to the stage area. The former claimed that Omos dominated Lashley last week. However, Lashley cut him off. The former MMA star challenged MVP to a match on this week’s episode of Raw. The challenge was that the winner of this match will get to pick the stipulation for the Lashley-Omos match at Hell in a Cell.

Lashley asked MVP if he was scared to face him. MVP said that he was not scared as he was the one who made Lashley. The babyface came back saying that nobody remembers who MVP beat last. Lashley said that it was he who made MVP.

MVP said something in the ear of Omos and both men went towards the ring and circled in on Lashley. MVP got up on the ring apron but Lashley knocked him down. The heel duo retreated back to the stage area to end the segment.

WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view was announced for November 5, 2022, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dana Brooke went to Adam Pearce and she wanted to fight Carmella. Pearce said he will look into it.

Becky Lynch gets a huge opportunity

Becky Lynch came into the scene and asked Pearce to take her loss last week against Asuka off the record books claiming the Empress of Tomorrow had cheated. Pearce said she will fight Asuka this week and if she can win, she will be added to the Asuka versus Bianca Belair match at Hell in a Cell.

The Judgement Day make their way to the ring

Damian Priest said that people need to have the courage to be “who you are”. However, Priest said the Sheeps, i.e., the WWE Universe don’t have that courage. Rhea Ripley said that Liv Morgan thinks from the heart than the brain but she could save herself by joining The Judgement Day. Edge said that he was not given a spot on the top of the mountain like John Cena but he had to work his way to it.

The fans started the “you suck” chants but the Rated-R Superstar asked the fans to look in the mirror. Edge named a few Superstars who could be added to their stable. Tommaso Ciampa, Corey Graves, Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles. Edge ended by saying that Styles has seen enough of The Judgement Day and he should be joining them soon. Liv Morgan and AJ Styles came out to the ring.

The Judgement Day (Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest) versus Liv Morgan and AJ Styles

Styles and Priest got us underway. Both men dished out some hard shots to each other. Ripley got the tag and Liv came in dropping the Nightmare with a hurricanrana. The former RAW Women’s Champion dominated her former tag team partner as she tossed her all across the ring. Liv, however, managed to turn things around with a Backbreaker. Morgan and Styles took out Ripley and Priest respectively outside the ring.

Back inside, Ripley got back in the match with a kick to the side of Morgan’s head. She followed it up with a Suplex. Morgan delivered a hurricanrana from the ropes to take out Ripley and tag in Styles. The Phenomenal One unleashed on the Archer of Infamy before a distraction from Ripley allowed the former United States Champion to get things under control.

Styles made the tag to Morgan and the former Riott Squad member rattled Ripley with her innovative offensive manoeuvres. Morgan dropped Ripley and went for the cover but Edge put her student’s leg on the bottom rope. Styles took out Edge and got into a brawl with Priest on the outside. Ripley looked to finish the match but Edge once again saved Ripley. The newest member of The Judgement Day won the match after covering Morgan. After the match, Styles was wiped out and made to watch Morgan getting dropped with a Riptide.

Winners – Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest

Grade – A

The Miz was interviewed backstage. He commented on Cody Rhodes saying the American Nightmare has more pyro than the 4th of July. The A-lister said he will beat Rhodes later on in the show and nobody will be able to ignore him thereafter.

King’s Court segment with Veer Mahaan as the special guest

Jerry “The King” Lawler came out to the ring. He said that Mahaan’s debut was one of the most anticipated in recent times. The Hall of Famer said that Mahaan annihilated his opponents to date. Jerry invited Mahaan and the monster heel came out to the ring. The legend asked him a couple of questions but Mahaan didn’t answer. Mahaan finally said that Rey Mysterio is a legend but he is too worried about his son Dominik.

This made him weak claimed Mahaan. Mahaan focused his attention on The King but before any damage could be done, the Mysterios came out to confront the powerhouse. Mahaan dominated the father-son duo initially until the former Tag Team Champions kept Mahaan at bay with a series of kicks.

Alexa Bliss was interviewed backstage. She said she is having a great time being back. Bliss suggested Sonya Deville have therapy as the former on-screen WWE official has had a rough few weeks.

Alexa Bliss versus Nikki A.S.H.

Both women started the match with arm drags. Bliss offered a handshake. Nikki obliged but ended up striking Bliss with an elbow.

Nikki perched up Bliss on the top rope. The latter dropped Nikki though and won the match after delivering a Twisted Bliss. This was another underwhelming match and unfortunately, two of the three matches that Alexa Bliss has had since returning, has not been planned well.

Winner – Alexa Bliss

Grade – C

Kevin Patrick interviewed Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins said that the fans used to sing his song every week in every stadium. But now they chant for only Cody. Rollins said that he has a clock ticking in his head but the question is what happens when the clock strikes zero.

Asuka was interviewed backstage. She was asked how it felt to beat Becky Lynch last week. Asuka said that Lynch was not ready for her as she was busy crying. Asuka said that she will beat Lynch once again later on in the show and turn her into a big time baby.

Cody Rhodes versus The Miz

Miz got hit with a couple of chops until he applied the headlock. Rhodes got out of the lock and applied a headlock of his own. The Miz got up on the top rope but was met by a shot to the stomach by the American Nightmare. Rhodes hit a few knees to the midsection of the heel. Miz got back in the match when he kicked Rhodes off the top rope and down outside the ring. We went into a commercial break following the spot.

After the break, Cody delivered the Cody Cutter and locked in a Figure 4. Miz, however, reached the ropes to force Rhodes to break the hold. Cody went up on the top rope but Rollins appeared out of nowhere and pushed him down. Rollins and Miz teamed up to assault Rhodes. The two heels sent Rhodes knee-first into the steel steps. Rhodes, as usual, had handed his belt to a young fan during his entrance.

Rollins took that belt from the fan and whipped the former AEW star. The Visionary exited as Rhodes slowly managed to get back up on his feet. Rhodes handed the belt back to the young fans and took the help of referee Aja Smith to make his way backstage.

Winner – Cody Rhodes via DQ

Grade – B

Ezekiel versus Chad Gable

Both skilled competitors went back and forth as the match began. Ezekiel hit Gable with a high knee but Otis tripped Elias’ younger brother to allow his teacher to take advantage. Ezekiel hit back into the match with a Spinebuster but Otis once again flattened Ezekiel. The referee sent Otis backstage.

While the referee was busy with Otis, Kevin Owens entered the ring and looked to attack Ezekiel but the referee caught him and sent the former Universal Champion backstage. While Otis and Owens were making their way out of the ringside, Ezekiel won the match with a roll-up.

Owens tried to attack Ezekiel after the match but the babyface escaped into the crowd area. An irate Owens challenged Ezekiel to a match at Hell in a Cell and Ezekiel was quite happy hearing it.

Winner – Ezekiel

Grade – C

Cody Rhodes came out of the medical room and was asked to comment on his injury status following the vicious assault from Rollins. Rhodes said that he is still breathing and that is unfortunate news for the former Shield member.

Rhodes said that the fact that 3-0 could be on the cards is dawning on Rollins.

Bobby Lashley versus MVP – Winner chooses stipulation for Omos-Bobby Lashley match at Hell in a Cell

MVP acted as if he injured his leg and that helped Omos to lay Lashley down with a big clothesline. Lashley was rattled as MVP delivered a few offensive manoeuvres but the Almighty got back in the match, dropping MVP face-first.

Lashley sent MVP against the ring post. The former WWE Champion pushed MVP back in the ring but before he could get back, Omos attacked him and Lashley was counted out. Therefore, MVP won the match and will get to pick the stipulation for the Omos versus Lashey match at Hell in a Cell.

A frustrated Lashley applied the Hurt lock on MVP to end the segment.

Winner – MVP

Grade – C

The commentators announced that Lacey Evans will finally return to in-ring action on next week’s episode of Raw.

Becky Lynch versus Asuka – If Becky Lynch wins, she is added to the Asuka-Bianca Belair match at Hell in a Cell

Bianca Belair came ringside to watch the match like last week. Asuka was fired up as the match started. Lynch, however, added fuel to the fire by delivering a couple of slaps. The Empress of Tomorrow locked in a Disarmer but Lynch made it to the ropes. Lynch pushed Asuka spine-first into the ring post as the Japanese star fell outside the ring.

Asuka managed to make her way back to the ring and beat the 10 count. Lynch attacked her viciously and sent her outside the ring. Asuka once again managed to make it to the ring before the 10 count. Lynch sent Asuka shoulder-first into the steel steps and followed it up with a leg drop from the top rope. Asuka managed to muster some offence as she hit a German Suplex followed by a hip attack.

A knee strike from Asuka earned her a two count. Lynch covered Asuka with both feet on the ropes but the latter managed to kick out. Asuka kicked in an armbar but Lynch reached the bottom rope. Lynch climbed the top rope but Asuka caught her and dropped her with a Superplex.

Asuka hit Lynch with a hip attack to send her outside the ring. The former hit Lynch with a knee strike as the Man fell on the lap of Belair who was seated at ringside. Asuka tried to kick Lynch but inadvertently hit Belair in the process. Lynch made her way back to the ring and as Asuka rolled in to join her, the Irish star covered for a three count.

So Becky Lynch gets into the title picture as the Raw Women’s Championship will be defended by Bianca Belair in a triple-threat match against the two veterans.

Winner – Becky Lynch

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B

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