WWE Raw highlights, results, review and grades: Rey Mysterio defends US title against AJ Styles while Kevin Owens leads a beat down on a Raw star

WWE Raw highlights, results, review and grades: After weeks and months of dragging the Rusev and Lana storyline, the pair finally got their divorce.

Both parties screamed and shouted accusations at each other. There was a segment where the pair fought over the custody of their dog, but ultimately they signed the divorce papers.


Rusev wanted one final thing from Lana, a fight against Lashley. His wish wasn’t granted with Lana’s lover coming out, but the Bulgarian did put him through the table.

Grade: D

Haven’t been a fan of this angle since day 1, and well, nothing great to say from this outing either.

McIntyre squashes new dad Hardy

Matt Hardy might have introduced a new member to his family, but he didn’t have much to celebrate against Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy WWE
Drew McIntyre picked up an easy win over Matt Hardy (Image credit: WWE)

McIntyre insulted Hardy, and The Woken One took out some frustration against the Scot. However, McIntyre picked up an easy win in the end.

McIntyre beats Hardy

Grade: D

A squash match with no real meaning to it. McIntyre’s on the top while Hardy is now fodder?

Raiders and Profits clash

The Viking Raiders have been on a tear in WWE since picking up the gold and laid out an open challenge.


The Street Profits got their shot at the tag champs and made it count. There were some great moments in the battle but in the end, Erik and Ivar continued their dominance.

There was a great moment in the end as the Raiders shared respect with the defeated team.

Raiders beat Profits

Grade: B

The Raiders looked good, the Profits looked good and put up a great match.

The Profits should get a shot at the title soon, and it will be interesting to see when that happens.

KO stuns Rawley

Kevin Owens was back after a beat down from AOP. He was searched for the pair but ran across Mojo Rawley.

KO slapped Rawley before coming into the ring with a steel pipe. He called out AOP but Seth Rollins came to the ring too. The Architect and Owens shared some words before Seth left and AOP came on the big screen.

They said something, KO didn’t understand, he called them out again to fight em. However, Sami Zayn came out with Rawley claiming he has become a manager on both brands.


KO stunned Rawley and beat him down with the pipe as Zayn ran away.

Grade: C

I hoped to see some action between Rollins and KO in this segment, but that’s for another part of the review.

Rawley got minutes on Raw only for a beat down while Sami can now manage talent from SmackDown and Raw, so that’s good.

Black on a tear

Another squash which really shouldn’t have been. Akira Tozawa is a great worker but barely got much in against Aleister Black.

The Dutch star picked up an easy win against Tozawa, but his eyes will be on Buddy Murphy.

Black beats Tozawa

Grade: D

Zelina and Andrade are done?

Humberto Carrillo hasn’t been in great winning form in recent weeks. However, he did beat one of the best in current weeks.

Andrade hadn’t lost in a month and made Carrillo pay for every mistake he made. However, Andrade collided with Zelina Vega and that was something his opponent took advantage off for a win.


Zelina and Andrade were seen bickering at the end with the superstar blaming his manager for the loss.

Carrillo beats Andrade

Grade: B

Zelina and Andrade have been excellent as a pair, and it was interesting to see that dynamic tested.

Carrillo also got a win, and maybe that was the push he needs.

Buddy Murphy can do the voodoo too

Murphy wasn’t going to lie down after Black’s impressive win over Tozawa.

Zack Ryder actually put up a Broski Boot to knock Murphy down. However, the Australian distracted the Ultimate Broski by attacking Curt Hawkins on the outside for the win.

Murphy beats Ryder

Grade: D

Another squash match that didn’t feel like a squash as Ryder got in some decent hits.

Murphy wasn’t as dominant as Black was during his match, and well, who knows what happens at TLC.

Rollins shows his colours

Rollins has openly claimed he didn’t know about AOP’s ambush of KO from a couple of weeks back.

However, the Architect showed that he is part of the AOP.

KO found the trio together and went in for the kill with the lead pipe. However, he ended up eating a Curb Stomp from the Architect at the end.


Rollins then tore into the WWE Universe claiming they had made him go heel. He also claimed that he wasn’t part of the AOP at the start of all this, but the fans pushed him into taking this big step.

KO left on a stretcher after the assault, and it will be interesting to see what happens next with TLC on Sunday.

Grade: B

This was one of the better segments on this week’s show, but it was expected to happen.

Rollins cut a decent promo too, and it all falls on how Owens deals with this latest beating.

Becky takes on Kabuki Warriors

Charlotte lost to the Kabuki Warriors last week but Lynch picked up the win in her handicap match.

Lynch was incredible at turning out everything that Asuka and Kairi Sane threw at her.

The Raw champ was able to hit the Dis-arm-her on Sane, but Asuka saved her teammate and beat Lynch with the chair for the DQ.


Sane then hit Lynch with the InSane elbow through a table too. Charlotte was also attacked by the Raw tag champs, however, that didn’t work out in the end.

Charlotte and Lynch agreed to put their differences aside for a shot at the tag titles at TLC, in a TLC match.


Lynch beats Kabuki Warriors

Grade: B

The match itself was great, however, it doesn’t really say much for the Kabuki Warriors as they could have lost to Lynch on her own.

However, the DQ finish and the attack on Flair leading to the team formation for TLC is a huge plus from this segment.

Another squash on Raw

The fourth squash, is it the fifth? I am losing count, saw Erick Rowan destroy another local competitor.

The opponent tried to get a countout win by baiting Rowan up the ramp where his pet was kept.

That didn’t work as Rowan hit several Iron Claws before the referee had to stop the match.

Rowan hit the opponent a few more times after the bell ended, but this segment really didn’t cut it.

Grade: E

This was barely interesting, to say the least, and hopefully, we don’t have to see this segment anymore.

Viper strikes in championship match

AJ Styles seemed set to try and reclaim his US title from Rey Mysterio in the main event.

He seemed to be in charge as the OC made their way to the ring.


Rey and Styles botched a big segment on the ropes, but the challenger was able to hit a Styles Clash on the champion.

However, Randy Orton entered the ring just to distract Styles (not hit him or touch him) which was enough for Rey to get a roll-up win.

Mysterio beats Styles

Grade: C

The match could have been better between the pair, however, Orton is really in Styles’ head now.

This could lead to a great match between them, but it is a little confusing given that Rey is also in the mix.

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