The rise of the next generation stars – Hits and misses from WWE NXT 16 September 2020

Shotzi Blackheart seems to be one of the rising stars on NXT
Shotzi Blackheart comes out in her mini-tank on NXT (WWE)

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WWE NXT seems to be gearing up for their next set of stars after this week’s show

WWE NXT had a couple of title matches set for this weeks show, and while most of the clashes were special, they seemed to be setting us off on a path.

Several lesser-known and younger stars were given the limelight, and for the most part, this worked.

Xia Li is the first Chinese star on WWE
Xia Li is currently on WWE NXT (WWE)

It will be interesting to see if WWE continues with this path but there were some segments that didn’t click.


1) More time for Li and Kamea

Xia Li and Jessi Kamea teamed up and seemed set to continue a war against Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter.

However, the pair weren’t given a lot of time to show off their skills. Credit must be given to WWE for still making the segment interesting as Li didn’t wait in the ring and left after the loss, but the pair still need more time on show.


1) Blackheart near the top

While the tag match between the four women pushed more youngsters on WWE, another one performed admirably too.

Mia Yim up against Shotzi Blackheart on NXT
Mia Yim up against Shotzi Blackheart on NXT (WWE)

Shotzi Blackheart might not have won the title against Io Shirai but she was a real test for the champion. Blackheart might have been given a push in recent weeks and we did question it, however, the mini-tank riding star has proven again that she is a name to watch out for and she seems set for great things.

2) Young guns boosted

Another pair of young guns given time on NXT were Jake Atlas and Austin Theory. While Theory didn’t get a win in his match, it was still great seeing him on the microphone after he was sent back from Raw.

Austin Theory cut a brilliant promo on this week's NXT
Austin Theory made an appearance on NXT (WWE)

Atlas has set up a battle with NXT veteran Tommaso Ciampa, and that should also see the best come out of him.

3) Priest impresses

Damian Priest won the NXT North American title and defended it against the tough Timothy Thatcher.

Damian Priest is the NXT North American champion
Damian Priest in action against Timothy Thatcher (WWE)

This was a fantastic match with Thatcher using all the tricks in his book. However, it was Priest who got the win and kept his belt.

Priest is another one of those rising talents from NXT and he seems set for a while as the champion.

4) Not just a passing breeze

Tyler Breeze and Fandango (Breezango) also defended their titles against Imperium and came up on top.

The pair won their first-ever titles on WWE after nearly a decade in the promotion, and it was great seeing this wasn’t a flash in the pan.

Triple H with Breezango on NXT
Triple H congratulates Breezango on their win (WWE)

WWE have a habit of constantly switching titles but thankfully, this doesn’t happen on NXT. Breeze and Fandango looked great in their defence and hopefully, they also stay as champions for a while.

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