WWE NXT TakeOver 31 Results and Grades: This PPV featured most of the NXT titles on the line as some big names were on show.

Io Shirai vs CAndice LeRae was one of the top matches on NXT
Io Shirai vs Candice LeRae was a brilliant clash at TakeOver 31 (WWE)

Finn Balor vs Kyle O’Reilly was the big talking point but there were some other quality clashes too.

NXT TakeOvers are usually incredible events and here are the results and grades from WWE NXT TakeOver 31.

NXT North American title match

The champion, Damian Priest, took on Triple Crown winner Johnny Gargano in the opening match of the show.

Gargano used all the tricks in the book to get the upper hand on the champion. He used the security and even hit Priest with a low blow.

There were close calls for both stars but it was Priest who came out on top in the end.

Priest beats Gargano

Grade A

This was an incredible way to start the show and highlighted how great Priest has become in the recent weeks.

We all know that Gargano is a star but this performance was brilliant from both sides.

Dream vs Kushida

The Velveteen Dream came dressed up as the doctor from Back to the Future, a play on Kushida’s time splitter persona.

Kushida has become more aggressive in recent weeks and took the fight to Dream. The Time splitter targeted Dream’s arm throughout the match.

He was able to get the win, despite a few finishers from Dream.

Kushida beats Dream

Grade B

This was another great match as both stars did their best. Dream not winning was a big deal but it seems WWE NXT is pushing Kushida too, and it will be interesting to see what is next for him.

NXT Cruiserweight title match

Santos Escobar came to defend the title against Isaiah Swerve Scott. Both stars put on a show as they hit each other with everything they got.


Escobar saw his cohorts come out and almost cost Swerve the title. However, Ashante Adonis came out to save Scott.

Swerve and Escobar hit their finishers but both kicked out. Scott was then hurt by the exposed steel from a turnbuckle allowed Escobar to pick up the win.

Escobar beats Scott

Grade A

The two cruiserweight stars were fantastic in this clash, even though the finish was questionable.

It does set up a possible rematch between them but Scott was on another level and Escobar gets better with each title defence.

NXT Women’s title match

Io Shirai was up next as she defended the title against the Poison Pixie, Candice LeRae.

Shirai was a house on fire as she unloaded on the challenger, however, she wasn’t able to put LeRae away early.

A move took the referee out of the match and that saw LeRae’s husband, Gargano, come out dressed as the referee.

The husband-wife pair tried to get the win, even by hitting Shirai with the belt. However, the champion was able to keep the title.

Shirai beats LeRae

Grade B

The two females really turned it on in this match and Shirai showed off her toughness by kicking out of a title shot.

Further, LeRae was the perfect heel in all this. However, the return of Toni Storm and an appearance from Ember Moon should make things interesting for the champion.

NXT title match

Finn Balor defended his title against Kyle O’Reilly in the final match of the evening.

O’Reilly targeted Balor’s arm throughout the match and he put everything he had in hopes of winning the NXT title for the first time.

Balor also hit back at the Undisputed Era member. Both stars had chances to win the title but it was a bloodied Balor who stood tall and kept his title.

The pair even shook hands as Balor shared his respect for O’Reilly.

However, Ridge Holland destroyed Adam Cole and left him near the ring with the other UE members not knowing what happened.

Balor beats O’Reilly

Grade A

This was, hands down, one of the best matches of the year. Many would have been concerned as to why O’Reilly won the No.1 contender’s clash, but he proved to be an incredible adversary to the champion.

The respect between the two was great but Cole getting attacked left a lot of questions to be answered.

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