WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades, 31 May 2022: Pretty Deadly take on Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp.


WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades: Elektra Lopez will take on Cora Jade in one-on-one action and it promises to be an intriguing match. Another match that is surely going to be epic is NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes versus Nathan Frazer.

Let’s start with the NXT results for 31 May:

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Cameron Grimes takes on Nathan Frazer (WWE)

Pretty Deadly versus Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp

Diamond Mine were making their way to the ring. Roderick Strong stopped and told The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile that they have a night off so they can watch how he handles the job against Pretty Deadly.

Roderick Strong was being dominated by Pretty Deadly as the match got underway. The NXT Tag Team Champions double-teamed to wear down the self-proclaimed leader of the Diamond Mine. Strong managed to turn things around and made the tag to Damon Kemp. The powerful Kemp was not in his groove until a slap from Strong woke him up. Kemp took out Prince and tagged Strong. Kit Wilson and Elton Prince managed to take control of the match as they used in-tandem offense to rattle Strong.

The NXT veteran tagged in Kemp and the big man hit a few suplexes and followed with a rolling spear. All four competitors entered the ring at the same time and Kemp and Strong delivered backbreakers to send us into a commercial break. After the break, we saw Wilson dominating Kemp with a headlock. Kemp finally managed to make the tag as Strong hit Pretty Deadly with a couple of backbreakers. Strong dominated the match single-handedly. Outside the ring, Prince sent Kemp into the steel steps.

Towards the end, Julius Creed made his way to the ring and tried giving an assist to Strong and Kemp. However, Julius only managed to distract Strong as Pretty Deadly picked up the victory.

Winner – Pretty Deadly

Grade – A

Duke Hudson and Solo Sikoa got involved in a war of words. Sikoa challenged him to a match but Hudson said he will check and let him know.

Santos Escobar and Tony D’Angelo come face-to-face

We were shown a vignette where Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar came face-to-face on a boat. The Don of NXT said he does not trust Escobar. Escobar called D’Angelo a cobra and hailed himself as a python. D’Angelo challenged Escobar and Legado to a six-man tag team match at In Your House. The losers will have to join the other faction. Escobar agreed to the deal.

Cora Jade versus Elektra Lopez

Lopez tried using her power to take control of the match. Jade hit the heel with a dropkick. Lopez, however, began to take control of proceedings tossing Jade all over the ring and pulling Jade’s hair. A powerslam from Lopez and he attempted another, but Jade managed to counter.

Lopez hit Jade with a dropkick and started putting the babyface in a painful-looking lock. Lopez hit a sit-down powerbomb but Jade managed to get a hold of the rope to break the count. In the end, it was Jade ago came out victorious after hitting a senton off the ropes to pick up a victory.

Winner – Cora Jade

Grade – B

Wes Lee was asked backstage why he challenged Xyon Quinn. Lee said he needs to beat Quinn. Sanga came up to him and said that Lee has a big heart. Lee did not react much to Sanga’s praise as he made his way to the WWE stage.

Xyon Quinn versus Wes Lee

Lee ran towards Quinn as the match began. Quinn tried to toss him away but Lee landed on his feet. The former dropped Lee on the top rope and dropped him back into the ring. Quinn held one hand of Lee and started kicking the high-flyer in the ribs. Quinn did not forget to trash-talk during the match.

Lee for dropped with a bodyslam. Finally, Lee managed to muster some offense before Quinn sent him into the middle turnbuckle. Eventually, it was Lee who rolled up Quinn for the win.

Winner – Wes Lee

Grade – B

Strong confronted The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile backstage. He said that he was gonna win the match until Julius appeared. Strong said that there is no scope for failure as if The Creed Brothers fail to win at In Your House against Pretty Deadly, they are out of Diamond Mine.

Joe Gacy cut an intense and creepy promo talking about Bron Breakker’s childhood days and how he grew up to become a two-time NXT Champion. Gacy asked Breakker to go out of the rules to beat him up for the honor of his family.

Breakker was watching the promo from his locker room. He was asked to comment about the promo. Breakker said that he has already lost the NXT Championship once but he is not losing it again. All of a sudden, Gacy’s laughter began out of nowhere. Breakker expected an ambush from Gacy and the druids but nothing came out of it. Breakker said he will beat down Gacy at In Your House.

Toxic Attraction, Wendy Choo, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chase came face-to-face in the ring

Carter said that they are the only tag team to have beaten Toxic Attraction. Rose began talking while Choo kept on asking her to sign the contract. The crowd also joined in asking Rose to sign the contract. Rose demanded everyone respect her. The NXT Women’s Champion finally signed the contract.

A brawl ensued as Carter and Chase took out the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions on the outside. Back in the ring, Carter and Chase set up a table and put Rose on it. Choo jumped off the top ropes to take Rose through the table to make a statement. The three babyfaces posed in the ring with the titles currently held by Toxic Attraction.

Ivy Nile was doing pushups in her locker room. Kiana James asked her if that is all she does. James said that the Creed Brothers would be out of Diamond Mine after losing at In Your House. James said that the brothers have only a 12% chance of winning. This infuriated Nile as she pushed James against the locker.

Nile smashed her against the locker and asked what her chances are, and she says they’re about the same as her boys and leaves her.

Duke Hudson versus Solo Sikoa

Hudson started the match strongly. He had kept Sikoa quiet. The fans tried their best to will Sikoa on. Eventually, the talented Sikoa managed to get back into the match with a Samoan drop followed by a Superkick. A hip attack followed by a Frog Splash and Sikoa managed to pick up an impressive victory.

Winner – Solo Sikoa

Grade – B

Thea Hail does a mock press conference about her school choice for the fall. She throws a bunch of hats away and says she’ll be attending Chase U University.

Grayson Waller versus Josh Briggs

Josh Briggs was all pumped up as the match got underway. Waller though managed to slow down the pace of the match with a headlock and a few knees to the mid-section. Waller had an answer for whatever Briggs threw at him. The Australian star got too busy mocking the crowd.

Briggs took control of the match until Von Wagner came to the ring apron. Briggs hit a Superkick to send the big man down to the floor. This distraction allowed Waller to take advantage as he won the match with the rolling Stunner.

Winner – Grayson Waller

Grade – B

After the match, Wagner attacked and assaulted Josh Briggs.

Ivy Nile versus Kiana James

Ivy Nile seemed to be in a tough predicament as James kicked her into a submission hold. Nile escaped and unleashed a series of kicks on James. The newcomer was looking quite dominant. Nile, however, found a way to victory thanks to the experience and potential that she possesses.

Winner – Ivy Nile

Grade – D

Pretty Deadly made their way to the ring trolling Nile. The Creed Brothers were ready as they clashed in the same ring ahead of their match at In Your House. The brothers stood tall in the ring with the tag titles in their hands.

Cameron Grimes versus Nathan Frazer

Trick Williams and former NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes joined in on commentary for the match.

Both men put up a great shift. Frazer was really impressive as Hayes enjoyed the newcomer assaulting his rival Grimes.

The high-flying Frazer hit moves like a slingshot, big Tijeras, and more to rattle the veteran. Grimes finally sealed the win with a Cave In.

After the match, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes tried attacking Grimes but the NXT North American Champion managed to hold his own against the two heels. Williams and Hayes retreated as the show came to a close.

Winner – Cameron Grimes

Grade – A

Overall show grade- B

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