WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades: Nikkita Lyons makes her much-awaited comeback

This week’s NXT had some exciting and crucial matches. NXT Stand & Deliver is around the corner and superstars from WWE’s developmental brand were all giving their best with WrestleMania excitement in the air.

And we start with WWE NXT results, winners, and grades.

LA Knight and MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) vs Imperium (Gunther, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner)

LA Knight and MSK attacked Imperium from behind when the stable was making their way to the ring. An all-out brawl ensued. Knight delivered a cannonball into the corner. Aichner managed to take control of the match with a shoulder tackle and then a headlock.

The match had some good spots with both teams dealing heavy blows and slams to one another. Gunther received a huge pop when he tagged in. Gunther and Knight were involved in a war of words in the middle of the ring at one point.

Towards the closing stages of the match, Gunther and Knight were involved in a scuffle on the outside. Carter pins Barthel but the latter wasn’t legal. Aichner executes a powerful clothesline on Carter to cover and get the W for his team.

The segment ended when The Creed Brothers came out and all the three teams participating in the Triple Threat Match at Stand & Deliver had a staredown.

Result – Imperium beat LA Knight and MSK

Grade – B

Dakota Kai was searching for Wendy Choo but all she found was Choo’s pajamas and slippers on the ground backstage. She also saw Choo’s body pillow all ripped off.

Tiffany Stratton vs Ivy Nile

Nile and Stratton exchanged hip toss counters. Nile too hit Stratton out with a clothesline. Stratton had her moments as weel in the early goings as she delivered a hip attack against the ropes. She went on to strike with her knee and followed it up with a headlock takedown.

The domination from Stratton continued as she hit a slammed Nile’s face into the mat. Nile, finally mustered some offense as she hit a running Superman Punch. She followed it up with a running kick.

Stratton managed to get back the advantage but Sarray appeared on the apron. Stratton took her eyes of Nile as she had a war of words with Sarray. Nile took advantage as she applied the Dragon Sleeper hold as Stratton had no choice but to submit. Malcolm Bivens was thrilled with the win.

Result – Ivy Nile beat Tiffany Stratton

Grade – C

Tommaso Ciampa cut an emotional promo saying goodbye to WWE NXT. He said that the fans have been the only constant throughout his journey. He left a steel chair with the dates of his NXT debut and Stand & Deliver, his last match, spray-painted on. Tony D’Angelo, later on in the night, told The Blackheart he made a big mistake by attacking the future Don of NXT from behind. He said that he will beat Ciampa at Stand & Deliver and make it his last match.

Legado Del Fantasma (with Elektra Lopez) vs Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (with Fallon Henley)

Jensen and Wilde got us underway. Jensen kept control of the initial exchange. He delivered a huge clothesline in the corner and executed a power slam. Briggs came in but he was met with a lawbreaker. Mendoza was tagged in as the two started a slugfest.

Towards the later stages, Wilde delivered a sleeper hold on Jensen. Jensen slammed both Lagado Del Fantasma members. Briggs got the tag and he also showed his dominance by delivering a big splash on Mendoza.

Lopez distracted Briggs and Mendoza took advantage with a dropkick. Henley attacked Lopez on the outside. Briggs blocked a 450 from Wilde. Briggs delivered a chokeslam on Wilde and tagged in Jensen to hit the High and Low. Jensen got the pinfall as he and Briggs continued with their momentum.

Result – Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen beat Legado Del Fantasma

Grade – B

Raquel Gonzalez comes to the aid of Dakota Kai to take out Toxic Attraction

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne revealed they had attacked Choo before mocking all the competition. They said that they will walk into Stand & Deliver and watch Mandy Rose retain her title.

Toxic Attraction
Toxic Attraction (Wrestling Inc)

Dakota Kai came out and attacked them but the numerical supremacy of Toxic Attraction didn’t help her cause. Raquel Gonzalez came out to her aid and both of them took out Toxic Attraction.

Gonzalez offered a handshake but Kai pushed her hand away and gave her a big hug by jumping on her. The Dusty Cup winners from last year were reunited. They picked up the Tag Titles that Dolin and Jayne had left behind in the ring and held them as champions. They are surely coming for the titles.

Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) vs Bodhi Hayward (with Andre Chase)

Fans rallied for Bodhi Hayword in this match but Von Wagner got up from every move that was thrown at him. Von delivered a big double under hook suplex. Bodhi came back with a head butt.

Von looked too powerful as he caught Bodhi from mid-air and delivered a fall-away slam. Von countered an attempted slam by Bodhi and sent him against the turnbuckles. He capitalized on a reeling Bodhi to deliver a big suplex for the pin to win the match. Much to the delight of Andre Chase.

Result – Von Wagner beat Bodhi Hayward

Grade – C

Joe Gacy (with Harland) vs Draco Anthony

This match didn’t live up to its billing. Both competitors did have their moments but nothing of note. Gacy hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Draco delivered a big running back elbow into the corner.

This match also ended with a clothesline but it wasn’t about the power associated with it. It was about the athleticism before the clothesline as Gacy performed the back handspring before delivering the move.

This gave Gacy an important win.

Result – Joe Gacy beat Draco Anthony

Grade – D

Nikkita Lyons vs Sloane Jacobs

The crowd favorite Nikkita Lyons finally returned to action after her win against Kayla Inlay on February 22.

This was all one-way traffic. Nikkita delivered a shoulder tackle, a powerslam, a roundhouse kick, a suplex, and a Samoan drop before closing the match out with a spinning kick and the very popular split cover for the three count.

Lash Legend foul-mouthed Lyons on the Titantron, challenging her for a match next week. This will surely be Nikkita’s biggest challenge to date on NXT.

It has to be mentioned that the crowd chanted for Nikkita throughout her match.

Result – Nikkita Lyons beat Sloane Jacobs

Grade – C

NXT Ladder Qualifer: Cameron Grimes vs Roderick Strong vs A-Kid

This was the last chance match that was proposed by NXT North American champion Carmelo Hayes last week. Carmelo joined commentary early before Solo Sikoa arrived to get a closer look. Waller then arrived with Sanga in the crowd.

This match was special. The crowd was totally into it. The desperation in all three men to seal the victory and book their slot for the Ladder match for the NXT North American Championship was nicely portrayed.

In the closing stages of the match, it could have been anybody’s match as Strong was focused on taking out A-Kid. Grimes, who cut a few passionate promos saying that he wants to win for his father, was able to slip back into the ring, to hit the Cave In and got the pinfall victory over Strong. With this, all the spots were sealed for the highly-anticipated ladder match at NXT Stand & Deliver.

The show ended with all five participants in the Ladder match, Santos Escobar, Waller, Sikoa, Grimes, and Carmelo Hayes getting involved in a brawl.

Result – Cameron Grimes beat Roderick Strong and A-Kid

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B

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