NXT Results, Winners, Grades: Sarray returns to action as she faces NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner’s rivalry will come to a head this week in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Carmelo Hayes celebrates has said he will celebrate his birthday on the show and hinted at an NXT North American Championship open challenge.

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Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile versus Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon versus Kayden Carter and Katana Chance versus Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne – Fatal-4 Way Tag Team Elimination match for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Tatum Paxley and Kayden Carter started the match but before they could roll, Jacy Jayne tagged herself in and sent Carter out. Gigi Dolin got the tag in but she was dominated by Paxley. Yulisa Leon lifted Valentina Feroz and tossed her outside as Paxley, Ivy Nile, Carter, and Katana Chance got wiped out.

Nile got first blood as she eliminated Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon. Paxley delivered a suplex to Chance and followed up with a dropkick. Nile got the tag in and hit a huge right followed by a dropkick of her own.

Chance used her quickness to drop Paxley face-first. Toxic Attraction got the pin on Paxley after Chance and Carter did all the hard work. Jayne hit a code breaker and Dolin followed up with a clothesline to get a near fall. Carter hit Dolin with a Superkick and went for the cover but couldn’t keep the Toxic Attraction member down for a 3-count. Jayne and Chance traded blows in the middle of the ring. The latter got the better of the exchange. In the end, Chance wiped out Dolin with a moonsault outside the ring. A 450 splash from Chance on Jayne helped them to pick up the win and become the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Winners – Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Grade – A

Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley were being interviewed backstage when Joe Gacy and co. rolled up. Gacy wanted to show them the right direction. However, Jensen told him about the direction to the ring. Gacy said that he will happily face Jensen later in the ring and send a message to Cameron Grimes.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams came out to the ring to celebrate the former’s birthday. The NXT North American Champion said that the first one to get into the ring will face him for the title. Giovanni Vinci was making his way to the ring when Nathan Frazer ran past him and entered the ring first. Vinci joined in on commentary as the match between Frazer and Hayes got underway.

Carmelo Hayes versus Nathan Frazer

Frazer started strong but that was short-lived. Hayes hit the Fade Away and followed up with a suplex. Hayes hit a slingshot crossbody to take down Frazer.

The babyface stopped the onslaught by sending Hayes face-first into the turnbuckle. Moments later, Frazer hit Hayes with a Superkick. Frazer went up to the ropes but Williams distracted the referee. This allowed Vinci to push Frazer down from the ropes. Hayes took advantage and delivered the Diving Famouser to retain the title.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

Grade – B+

NXT Heatwave Summit – JD McDonagh and Bron Breakker come face-to-face in the ring

Wade Barrett hosted the segment. McDonagh admitted that he has never faced someone like Breakker. However, he will rip all of Breakker’s muscles off his bones.

Barrett asked Breakker how it would be like to face someone like McDonagh. Breakker said that McDonagh might be the smartest superstar he has faced till now. However, he will teach McDonagh a lesson at NXT Heatwave. Barrett asked McDonagh to sign the contract for their match in two weeks’ time at NXT Heatwave.

The Irish star said that he will sign the contract only after Breakker signs it as he feels that the NXT Champion has fear in his eyes. Breakker said he fears nothing with a heartbeat and signed the contract. McDonagh said that the Summit won’t end in violence but to show his seriousness, there would be blood. He used a pen to stab his finger and signed the contract with his blood. Breakker was shocked. JD offered a handshake but Breakker didn’t oblige and lifted the title over his shoulder to end the segment.

Apollo Crews came to wish The Creed Brothers good luck and gave them some advice about keeping their eyes open at all times. After Crews exited, Damon Kemp came up and informed The Creed Brothers that Roderick Strong is late but will make it in time for their match later on in the show.

Mandy Rose versus Sarray

Mandy Rose weathered the initial storm from Sarah and began stomping away at the Japanese star. Rose planted Sarray face-first and got a near fall. Sarray hit a dropkick to rattle the champion. Sarray delivered a Superkick off the ropes. The veteran came back strongly with a spine hater. She followed up with a running knee strike to get the victory.

Winner – Mandy Rose

Grade – B

After the match, Rose brought a steel chair to the ring and assaulted Sarray. She wrapped the chair around Sarray’s leg but Zoey Stark came out to make the save.

Axiom was interviewed backstage. He said that it was a great time to make his debut in WWE. Duke Hudson rolled up and told Axiom that he was undersized and delivered a cheap shot. Axiom fought back. Hudson took the attack to Axiom and brought the newcomer to the ring. The Aussie star assaulted Axiom in the middle of the ring. After doing all the damage, Hudson was about to leave the stage area but Axiom challenged him to a match to show his mettle.

Axiom versus Duke Hudson

Duke Hudson dominated the match. He delivered a Uranagi to take down the high-flyer. It looked as if Hudson would win the match in a canter but Axiom picked up the victory with a roll-up.

Winner – Axiom

Grade – D

Wes Lee said that he will face Trick Williams next week. He will bring his wrestling skills while Williams should come up with his boxing skills as it will be a clash of different styles.

The Creed Brothers (c) versus Tony D’Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo – NXT Tag Team Championship match

The Creed Brothers started strong but the heels soon took control of proceedings. D’Angelo and Stacks isolated Brutus Creed and focused their attack on the big man’s left hand. The beatdown continued for quite some time until Julius got the tag in.

Julius was fired up as he delivered belly-to-belly suplexes to both his opponents. Julius hit a dropkick to take down D’Angelo. Brutus was about to get the tag in but Stacks pulled him down from the ring apron. Brutus chased Stacks into the ring. The referee got busy with them. Elektra Lopez passed the crowbar to D’Angelo in the ring. However, Santos Escobar appeared and stopped D’Angelo from using it. Escobar hit D’Angelo with a right hand. This allowed Julius to take advantage and pick up the win as Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro stopped Stacks from breaking the pin.

Winners – The Creed Brothers

Grade – B

A pre-recorded interview with Roxanne Perez was shown. Perez said that she felt that the success of her best friend was her success and her failure was her failure. She and Cora Jade worked so hard to win the tag titles but it didn’t take long for the latter to dump the title in the trash can. Perez admitted that she didn’t know who this Cora Jade was. However, she knew how to end the feud. Perez challenged Jade to a match at NXT Heatwave.

Cora Jade was asked backstage about her answer to Perez’s challenge. Jade denied accepting the challenge as she felt that Perez wanted to be relevant after facing a star like her. Jade also said that she was the talk of the town in WWE alongside Roman Reigns and Bayley.

Mandy Rose came to her with an offer. If she could take out Zoey Stark and stop her from competing at NXT Heatwave, she could face the champion for the title at NXT Heatwave. Jade told Rose that she will give it a thought.

Brooks Jensen versus Joe Gacy

Both men went back and forth in the hard-hitting match. Jensen looked quite impressive with his moves but Gacy weather the storm to take control. The match was going on nicely until The Dyads walked towards Fallon Henly on the outside. Josh Briggs stood between The Dyads and Fallon Henly.

However, inside the ring, Pretty Deadly came out to attack Jensen. The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions were thrown out of the ring by Jensen. However, the distraction helped Gacy to take advantage and get the W.

Winner – Joe Gacy

Grade – B

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks were irate backstage. Stacks said that after everything they did for Legado Del Fantasma, they still betrayed them. Stacks was concerned as Legado had four members while they are just two.

Santos Escobar called Tony D’Angelo. The Don of NXT said that this was the second title that Escobar stopped him from winning. Escobar asserted that there was no way that one of them could work for the other. The two of them decided to settle scores in the middle of the ring. D’Angelo said that Stacks and Legado members will not interfere and it will be only him and Escobar.

Alba Fyre versus Lash Legend

The rivalry finally comes to a head. Legend was in total control of the match from the get-go. She delivered a backbreaker and followed it up with a suplex.

Fyre planted Legend with a Tornado DDT. The former went up to the top rope but Legend joined her upstairs. The heel was about to go for a superplex but Fyre dropped her with a knee strike. A couple of superkicks followed. Fyre nailed the KLR Bomb. In the end, she executed the Swanton to get the win.

Winner – Alba Fyre

Grade – B

Trick Williams was talking up his match next week against Wes Lee to Carmelo Hayes when a group of girls asked them for help as their car had broken down. Williams and Hayes were more than happy to help as we went into a commercial break.

Nikkita Lyons cut a promo backstage and spoke about Kiana James’ presentation on her from last week. She said that she is an open book so James didn’t have to work too hard. Lyons has encountered people like James on a number of occasions. The talented youngster said she owns who she is. Lyons announced that she will wait in the middle of the ring next week and challenged James to face her one-on-one.

Solo Sikoa versus Von Wagner – Falls Count Anywhere

It was all Solo Sikoa as the match started. A shoulder tackle, senton on the outside, body slam in the ring, and finally a hip attack gave the babyface a head start. Wagner sent Sikoa into the steel steps. He tossed in the steps to the ring and also brought a few chairs into the mix. Wagner used a chair to assault Sikoa. The heel slammed Sikoa on a steel chair and hit a near fall. The chair shots resumed. Wagner set up a couple of steel chairs. He delivered a bodyslam as Sikoa came crashing down on the chairs. Outside the ring, Sikoa delivered a Samoan drop on the announce table. The match spilled away outside the arena.

Carmelo Hayes was present over there and he got pushed away by Sikoa. Wagner tossed Sikoa into a dumpster. Wagner thought he had won the match but Sikoa returned. The two men traded blows. Wagner slammed Sikoa through a table. The action returned to the ring. Sikoa hit a Superkick followed by a Samoan drop. It was Sikoa’s turn to use the steel chair and he used it to good effect.

Sikoa delivered a Uranagi on the steel steps and went for the cover but Wagner kicked out at 2. Sikoa went up on the top rope but Robert Stone stopped him. The manager received a headbutt for his effort. In the end, Sikoa hit a couple of Superkicks and set up Wagner on the announce table. Sikoa went up to the top rope and delivered a frog splash. He covered Wagner and got the all-important win.

Winner – Solo Sikoa

Grade – A+

Overall show grade – A

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