Few WWE wrestlers aren’t showing interest in working with NXT


Some WWE wrestlers don’t want to work with NXT

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix recently announced stepping away from the NXT commentary booth after this Sunday’s NXT WarGames PPV. 

It is also speculated that she might return to the main roster. However, there are specific reports that many superstars in the brand are not enjoying their time on WWE’s revamp of the third brand.

The NXT rebranding will take place under the eyes of Vince McMahon
NXT is set to be revamped by WWE

According to Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that Phoenix could have been a part of the commentary team and still part of Edge’s feud with Maryse & The Miz. 

Alvarez mentioned that Phoenix is not the last one with NXT, but other people do not have that fun anymore.

“It’s not like she couldn’t do the main roster feud with Miz & Maryse and also do NXT commentary,” said Alvarez. “She has just decided she is done with NXT. Whatever that means, she says it’s due to family, but this also, again, might not be the last person. Because no matter what you guys think about me or anyone else saying that it sucks — it does. There are people there who have told me that it’s just not fun anymore.” (H/t Sportskeeda)

Beth Phoenix is a commentator on NXT
Beth Phoenix is a WWE Hall of Famer (WWE)

Beth Phoenix is to leave NXT after the WarGames this Sunday.

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix will be on her way to leave the commentary duty at NXT. She took to Twitter and wrote a message about this. She thanked Vic Joesph, Wade Barrett, Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and mentioned that the company will always be a part of her.

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