WWE NXT highlights results and review: Big matches for Shayna Baszler, Matt Riddle and Kushida returns

WWE NXT highlights, results and review: The show started with Killian Dane facing off against Pete Dunne.

Damien Priest was scheduled to compete but Dunne took his place after Dane called out anyone from the locker.


Dain picked up the win in controversial fashion as he was put in a sleeper hold but somehow managed to pin Dunne when crashing down on him.

Dain beats Dunne

Lee faces the Undisputed Era

Keith Lee has been one of the NXT stars who has been on a rise since Survivor Series.

The Undisputed Era wanted answers from Finn Balor after his attack from the last show, however, Lee came out and wanted to fight for one of their titles.

Keith Lee of NXT
NXT star Keith Lee plants Roman Reigns during Survivor Series (Image credit: WWE)

He attacked them with a microphone as Adam Cole was able to run away. Tommaso Ciampa was present to put him back in the ring.


Cole was saved by his teammates but left his title behind. Ciampa picked up the NXT Championship, in what should be a sign of things to come.

Baszler faces Li

This was a chance for Xia Li to show what she was made off, but the match ended in the champion’s favour.

Shayna Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch and easily picked up the win.


Baszler beats Li

Forgotten Sons also pick up easy win

Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake were in action against Adrian Alanis and Leon Ruff.

The Forgotten Sons made light work of Ruff and Alanis and also threw down a chokeslam on their opponents as the match ended.


The Forgotten Sons beat Alanis and Ruff

Baszler attacks Ripley

Rhea Ripley was set to face Dakota Kai and take some revenge for the treachery during WarGames, but she came along with Mia Yim.

Yim and Kai were battling hard as it went into the backstage, but there were more problems for Ripley.


Baszler came out with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. The trio attacked Ripley and she was left unconscious.

Baszler confirmed she would defend her NXT women’s title against Ripley in a couple of weeks.


Kassius Ohno takes on the Original Bro

Matt Riddle is another one who has been making the right moves on NXT in recent weeks.

Matt Riddle Cameron Grimes
Matt Riddle kicks Cameron Grimes at an NXT show (Credit: WWE)

The Original Bro took on Kassius Ohno, who had been doing pretty well on NXT UK.

The match was filled with some great spots as both wrestlers laid out their full Arsenal. In the end, it was Riddle who came out on top thanks to a Bro Derek.


Riddle beats Ohno

Kushida takes on surprise challenger

The returning Kushida was to face Raul Mendoza, however, that didn’t take place.

Cameron Grimes took Mendoza out on the ramp and the Technical Savage faced off against Kushida in a fun match.

The returning star didn’t have any in-ring rust and came out on top against Grimes.


Kushida beats Grimes

Tag team tussle

Bobby Fish was out for the Undisputed Era as the trio took on Lee, Ciampa and Dominik Dijakovic.

The match was taking place as expected before Finn Balor came in to cause havoc. He kicked Adam Cole who crashed into the referee.

Balor then hit the 1916 DDT to Ciampa but the Prince took a massive Spirit Bomb from Lee.


Cole had recovered by then to hit a super kick and then tried to hit the Last Shot on Lee, however, the leader of the Undisputed Era took a jackhammer and lost the match for his side.


Lee, Dijakovic and Ciampa beat The Undisputed Era

William Regal came out to include Lee in a triple threat match for the No.1 contender’s clash for Cole’s title.

Lee will face Ciampa and Balor next week, in what should be another tasty clash.

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