Xavier Woods wanted ex-WWE star at Crown Jewel to celebrate win


Xavier Woods opens up on wanting to celebrate King Of the Ring victory with ex-WWE star

WWE Crown Jewel saw Xavier Woods get crowned as the new King of the Ring after beating Finn Balor in the finals. The match was fought toe to toe and Woods managed to emerge on top in the biggest match of his career so far.

Xavier Woods
Xavier Woods after winning the King of the Ring (wrestling inc)

Woods was recently interviewed by the New York Post where he talked about wanting to celebrate his victory with the former WWE star Tyler Breeze. Have a look at what he had to say:

“There really was like one other person I wish was here and he knows I’m thinking about him…..Tyler Breeze. That’s my guy. We were in developmental all the way together. We lived together, like attached at the hip for so long and everything that I’ve done in my career he’s been there and was right next to me when I did everything. I was there next to him and when did everything. That’s somebody that I wish was able to be here and share this with me. But I’m going to go call him right now after I go call the family. Call the wife and kids, let them know they’re royalty, too.”

Woods opened up on being very close to Breeze since their developmental days and even shared that they lived together. Woods wanted Breeze to be a part of his celebrations for the same reason. Unfortunately, Breeze was released by the WWE earlier this year.

Tyler Breeze
Tyler Breeze NXT (Twitter)

How did Xavier Woods celebrate his victory with fellow New Day member Big E?

During the same interview Woods talked about celebrating his victory with his New Day comrades Big E and Kofi Kingston. Kingston, however, was not there but Woods talked about meeting the WWE champion backstage, have a look:

“I got to see E. Kofi unfortunately was not here, but I’ll see him very, very soon. E’s match was next, so yeah, just waiting there with a big old hug and his heavyweight title around his waist ready to go out and do some damage. It was fantastic to be able to see him. “

King Woods talked about how Big E was waiting there to hug him with his WWE title. Big E was up next for his match as revealed by Woods and was ready to do some damage.

Big E champion 3
WWE champion Big E (WWE)

Big E was went up against Drew McIntyre at the Crown Jewel to defend his WWE championship. He was successful in doing so and both New Day members had a night to remember for the rest of their lives.

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