WWE star Mustafa Ali decided to do something different as part of the 4th July celebrations

The 4th of July celebrations have kicked off big time across the United States of America. Independence Day in the US is certainly a huge holiday and many celebrities also partake in the festivities.

WWE stars also decided to do the same, including Mustafa Ali. Most of the stars celebrated the holiday from the safety of their homes due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Mustafa Ali could be the one behind the truth will be heard messages on WWE
Mustafa Ali hasn’t been seen on WWE for a while (WWE)

WWE was also hit hard by the virus as a few top stars tested positive recently. However, they are on the road to recovery and it was great seeing some of the stars celebrating Independence Day.

While many set off fireworks and crackers, Ali decided to go a different route. The high-flyer showed off some lanterns instead of fireworks and added that these were fire-resistant and biodegradable.

Regular fireworks cause a lot of noise pollution and also harm the atmosphere. There are ‘green’ fireworks that don’t cause as much pollution and Ali certainly seems to be an advocate of that.

WWE Universe impressed by Ali

While some fans were sceptical about the lanterns, Ali provided an update of how green they were.

Many fans were pleased with Ali’s decision with some suggesting that this also ensured their pets were safe from the pollution of regular fireworks.



While Ali’s gesture was certainly great, he hasn’t been seen much on WWE TV. Some had suspected him to be the man behind the ‘Truth will be heard’ messages on SmackDown, but nothing much has been said about that character.

Ali has also been one of the most vocal members with regards to the Black Lives Matter movement. He is a former police officer and spoke out a lot after George Floyd was murdered.

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