WWE Superstar Naomi makes big changes to her Social media handles


WWE Superstar and former Women’s tag team champion Naomi made some huge changes to the Twitter and Instagram handles

Naomi and Sasha Banks recently were involved in a walkout on Raw. The walkout saw them leave the building soon after arriving and hand over their tag team champions to John Laurinaitis. The duo was set to compete in a multi-woman match for an opportunity at the Raw Women’s championship. But instead of competing, they chose to walk out of the building.

Sasha Banks Naomi WWE
Sasha Banks and Naomi won the Tag Team title on WrestleMania 38 (WWE)

Post the incident, WWE took strict action against both of them. WWE chose to strip the title of them and suspend them indefinitely. Though WWE has not released them yet, they both stand suspended. Naomi aka Trinity Fatu recently made some huge and shocking changes on her Twitter and Instagram handles.

Fatu took to Twitter and removed the phrase, “WWE Superstar #feeltheglow” from her bio. She also removed “WWE Superstar” from her Instagram bio.

Although nothing has been confirmed but does the following action by Naomi indicate her decision to leave the company? Naomi and Sasha Banks are both still under contract by WWE. Despite WWE’s decision to strip them of their titles, both the superstars have not received any hate by the fans till now.

WWE remove all evidences of Sasha Banks and Naomi from WWE Shop

Sasha Banks and Naomi’s walkout was the biggest talk of the town. Both the superstars received support from the pro wrestling community for standing with their beliefs. WWE recently decided to punish both the superstars by suspending them and stripping them off their titles. WWE’s action against them received a lot of backlash by the wrestling fans. The company even decided to take down Sasha Banks and Naomi’s merchandise off their shop.

Sasha Banks Naomi
WWE Superstar Naomi makes big changes to her Social media handles 3

Pro Wrestling Journalist Sean Ross Sapp recently reported that, the former tag team champions have not been he released despite being removed from WWEShop. He wrote, “WWE confirmed to me Naomi and Sasha Banks have not been released despite being removed from WWEShop.”

On this week’s Smackdown, Corey Graves and Michael Cole again took digs at the duo, which did not please the WWE Universe. Cole stated during the show how the female superstars had let everyone down when they decided to walk out of WWE Raw that week. The former tag team champions were scheduled to put over Ronda Rousey and Bianca Belair. As per a report by PWInsider, Naomi was supposed to lose to Bianca Belair while Banks to Ronda Rousey.

As per WWE, a tournament will now be held to decide the new Tag Team Champions.

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