WWE and EA Sports have discussed possible video games for the future 



WWE 2K22 releases in a few days but EA Sports could get in the wrestling action 

Fightful Select (h/t F4WOnline) reports that WWE has spoken with EA Sports about a future deal regarding wrestling games.

WWE has been working with 2K Sports for a long time. However, the disasters that were WWE 2K20 and 2K Battlegrounds seems to have taken a toll on this relationship.

The report claims that WWE 2K22 is the final game on the current contract between WWE and 2K. It is being seen as a “make or break” game for the franchise. The game will be released on 11 March, however, pre-orders can be downloaded currently.

WWE does have an option to extend the deal with 2K, and that might depend on the success of WWE 2K22.

2K20 had several bugs on release and a decision was taken to simply scrap a 2K21 game. Battlegrounds seemed to be a stop-gap measure for a yearly WWE game. However, the cartoony graphics, limited move set and loot boxes didn’t seem to work with all wrestling fans.

Can EA Sports hit it off with WWE?

EA Sports is one of the biggest if not the biggest games companies in the world. Their FIFA, Madden and NHL games are some of the highest-selling games each year.

However, they have been on an expansion and recently bought out Codemasters, getting their hands on the F1 series.

As for combat sports, EA produces the UFC games and those have been well received for the most part. EA Sports also had EA Sports Big which included the fighting games Def Jam, so it will be interesting to see if they do crack a deal with WWE.

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2K22 in game footage (2K)

One thing that EA Sports would probably bring is a form of Ultimate Team. A game mode where players unlock cards by opening packs. Those packs can be bought with coins earned in the game or via spending real money.

That has seen EA generate a lot of revenue and a WWE Ultimate Team could be the showcase for any future tie-ups between the pair. 

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