“Kissed A** all the time”-Wrestling Veteran makes allegation about legend The Undertaker


Wrestling Veteran Brett Sawyer has accused The Undertaker of lying about Buzz Sawyer stealing money and kissing a** all the time. 

Brett Sawyer has accused The Undertaker of lying about the time that Buzz Sawyer stole thousands of dollars from him. Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker, began wrestling training under Buzz Sawyer in 1986. 

Rasslin' History 101 on Twitter: ""Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer and his brother  Brett Wayne Sawyer,circa-1984 https://t.co/SXmgEMKF52" / Twitter
Brett and Buzz Sawyer (Twitter)

In many interviews, the WWE Hall of Famer claimed that the trainer took his money and disappeared to work in other promotions. Buzz’s brother Brett Sawyer recently did a podcast (The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling) where he accused The Undertaker of lying, 

“He did the same thing, lying, saying Buzz took his money and ran. Buzz stretched him, and he [Undertaker] ran. If anybody knew Buzz, they knew exactly what happened. I like all these interviews he’s always made after 1992 – that’s when he [Buzz] died. It just irks my a** when people talking about dead people. They can’t talk back or do an interview.” [2:00-2:32]

Brett was a big name in the wrestling business alongside his brother in the 1980s-90s. 

Sawyer claims that The Undertaker only succeeded in WWE because he “kissed a**.”

During the podcast, Sawyer said a prominent statement that the Undertaker only succeeded because he “kissed a**” all the time and said that he wouldn’t have made money if Buzz broke his neck.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

“Undertaker ought to be glad. He wouldn’t have made any of that money if Buzz would have broke his neck, I can tell you that. Just because he was a superstar in WWE and all that, that’s just because he kissed a** all the time. That’s just my opinion,” said Brett Sawyer. [2:43-3:03]

The Undertaker shared his version of the story on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Session show in 2019. He got frustrated. With Buzz’s sudden disappearance, he took his two Rottweiler dogs and gave them new homes.

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