Is Asuka ready for a comeback?


The Empress of Tomorrow – Asuka has been cleared to return to professional wrestling. She was last seen in the Money in the Bank pay-per-view last year

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Is Asuka ready for a comeback? 3

Asuka is one of the best female wrestlers to step foot inside a WWE ring. It’s quite obvious that her comeback has been highly anticipated. There were rumors that she was going to return at Royal Rumble earlier this year. It didn’t happen but WWE Universe got to witness Ronda Rousey’s comeback as she won the women’s Royal Rumble.

As per Mike Johnson of, Asuka is ready to go after recovering from shoulder surgery. This news was revealed earlier this week. She will be back to WWE once the writers have a good storyline in place for her.

Dave Meltzer of also noted that Asuka is “now cleared to return” in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Asuka keeps her fans guessing

Asuka has a huge fanbase and they have always been on the lookout for anything related to Asuka’s comeback.

Asuka is one of the best female talens in WWE

On Saturday morning, Asuka replied to a tweet regarding her being medically cleared to compete. She asked, “Am I medically cleared?”

Asuka also put out a tweet where she wrote “Let me know the percentage of news rumors that are correct.”

A fan also wrote he was happy that she has healed up. To this Asuka replied with another tweet that has confused her fans.

The fan wrote: “Glad to hear you’ve feeling all healed up. Just make sure you don’t go waking up with one of those Bruce Banner hangovers. Wondering what happened last night and why your everything hurts.”

Asuka replied with two words saying, “not yet….”

Asuka might not be seen in WWE before WrestleMania as not much time is left to build up a feud of substance. She might return on the famous RAW after WrestleMania. Fans are waiting for her comeback with bated breath.

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