Shane McMahon was dismissed from the company earlier this year. Let us find out why WWE doesn’t want Shane to return

Shane McMahon was dismissed from the company following a chaotic Royal Rumble that left a lot of WWE Superstars “generally unhappy” from his involvement. Now since his father announced his retirement from WWE, it still doesn’t look like Shane will make his return to the company ever soon according to recent reports. 

Stephanie McMahon Shane McMahon WWE
Stephanie McMahon with Shane McMahon (Wrestling Rumors)

According to Ringside News, he created a lot of backstage heat during the Royal Rumble match this year with his decisions made during the match. Brock Lesnar also felt that Shane was being “unprofessional” on his part. 

Talents were also unhappy about Shane inserting himself into the Royal Rumble and going out when Randy Orton was slated to enter the match which caused a lot of chaos and confusion over the order of entrants. 

Many fans hoped that Vince’s retirement will pave the way for Shane to make a return to the company. However, during a audio show, Wade Keller explained that this is not the case and this is what he told.

 “I’ve told the story quite a bit over the years [about] Stephanie, and Jerry Jarrett told me the story on record that he was having dinner with the McMahon’s. Either he or someone at the table said, ‘Shane, you know, someday you’re going to be running the company like your dad.’ And Stephanie was years younger than Shane, establishing her Alpha attitude. She jumped in and said, ‘Uh uh, daddy’s little girl is going to be the one running the show someday. Not Shane.’ (H/T Wrestling News)

“That rivalry has been there. The divide between those two, I’m told, is still there. And there is no reconciliation or power sibling team expected. “It’s like, you know, the siblings hang out, they yell, they battle, and they double cross each other, but they hang out. And they talk. And the impression I’m getting is that’s not happening with Shane and Stephanie. “So, by the way, don’t expect Shane to enter the picture here unless he just, you know, goes rogue and just shows up at a show.”

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Shane McMahon is the former WWE Superstar (Itr Wrestling)

It seems like Shane-O-Mac is not coming back to the company anytime soon.

Vince McMahon decided firing his son Shane McMahon

There have been reports from Fightful Select, that it was Vince McMahon himself who decided to part ways with his son following Shane’s involvement as a backstage producer in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match earlier this year. 

WWE chairman Vince McMahon
WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced his retirement few days back

He even went as far as saying that Shane “would never get another pop in this company as long as I’m around,” according to a person close to the former WWE Chairman.

A person close to Vince told Fightful that McMahon’s frustration with Shane was “extreme” but justified. 

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