Butch made his debut on the main roster tonight, but who is this Butch in WWE?

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown episode saw Sheamus and Ridge Holland introduce Butch during a backstage segment to hype their match against Kofi Kingston and Big E

Butch then accompanied Holland and Sheamus to the ring against Big E and Kingston. The match was controlled by Sheamus primarily. However, Kingston did put on some fight, but Butch distracted him from the apron, which mainly guided Sheamus to victory. 

After the match, Butch, Sheamus and Holland posed together in the middle of the ring, but the new debutant attacked Kingston.

Butch is none other than Former NXT Superstar Pete Dunne, who has worked in several SmackDown dark matches. He also got some wins on the WWE Main Event in January, defeating T-Bar and Akira Tozawa. However, Dunne didn’t wrestle on NXT 2.0 since losing against NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes on March 1. 

WWE re-naming Pete Dunne as Butch led to some frustration 

Pete Dunne debuted on the main roster today from WWE NXT. It has been reported by Fightful Select that word started going around backstage at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham on Friday afternoon that “something very dumb” was planned for SmackDown.

WWE Vegan wrestlers
Pete Dunne is one of the best talents to come from the UK. (WWE)

It was said that a Superstar who was known by many is undergoing a name change, and it also has been confirmed that the new name caused frustration by some backstage crowd who heard about it.

The former NXT UK Champion took to Twitter, posted a GIF backstage, and captioned the new name.

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