What happened to Daniel Bryan’s wardrobe during his Elimination Chamber fight against Drew Gulak?


Daniel Bryan suffered a wardrobe malfunction twice during his fight with Drew Gulak

Daniel Bryan impressed in his fight with Drew Gulak but also suffered a wardrobe malfunction at Elimination Chamber 2020.

Bryan and Gulak are both known for their technical ability, and they put on a great show at Elimination Chamber.

Daniel Bryan The Miz wardrobe malfunction
Daniel Bryan beat the Miz to become the No.1 contender against Bray Wyatt (Image credit: WWE)

Both men were at their best and this was one of the highlights from the PPV. There were some dangerous spots in the match too with Gulak targetting Bryan’s neck.

The former WWE champion has a surgically repaired neck and Gulak repeatedly suplexed him onto that body part.

It was a miracle that Bryan wasn’t injured further and he went on to win, however, there were a couple of instances that started doing the rounds.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction Drew Gulak Daniel Bryan
Drew Gulak faced off against Daniel Bryan (Credit: WWE)

Eagle-eyed viewers caught a glimpse of Bryan’s private region when he suffered a wardrobe malfunction twice.

The images are a little grainy since there weren’t many replays of the incidents, but many have posted about it on social media.

Bryan also didn’t speak about the malfunction a lot, and he was wearing just a pair of shorts during the match.


A surprising event for WWE

It was a little surprising seeing such a wardrobe malfunction happen in WWE. Most of the attire worn by the wrestlers don’t come off easily, and this is a rare occasion that a malfunction took place for a male star.

In recent years, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch have had to deal with minor issues, but those were inadvertent too.

Daniel Bryan WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 match card, preview and predictions: Major belts missing from PPV
Daniel Bryan faces Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series 2019 (Image credit: Getty)

WWE is extremely careful when trying to protect their wrestlers in the ring, and there have been incidents during the attitude era where more skin was shown than necessary.

However, this is a different WWE and they are certainly doing their bit to keep it a family-friendly show.

That has changed a bit in recent weeks as WWE pushes more edgy content such as the Rusev-Lana storyline and Shayna Baszler biting Becky Lynch and making her bleed.

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