(Watch) Robert Stone and Aliyah provide hilarious reason why they lost to Rhea Ripley


Rhea Ripley won her handicap match against Robert Stone and Aliyah at the Great American Bash

Former NXT Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Robert Stone and Aliyah in a handicap match on the Great American Bash Day One.

Her rivalry with Aliyah and Stone had only begun recently. However, a lot was riding on the match regarding the futures of all three stars.

Rhea Ripley defeated Robert Stone and Aliyah
Rhea Ripley defeated Robert Stone and Aliyah (WWE)

Ripley would have had to join the Robert Stone brand if she lost, but she avoided that by defeating the pair.

There were some scary moments for the former champion too. Even though Stone hasn’t wrestled much in WWE, he does have a lot of pedigree from his days in TNA.

Aliyah is an up and comer and seems to have found the right manager in Stone. While not getting hold of Ripley would have been a blow to Stone, he put up a brave face.

In an exclusive chat for NXT after the loss, Stone and Aliyah explained the outcome. Stone claimed that the pair didn’t actually want Ripley to be in the brand. Aliyah added that this was a “very exclusive club” and the pair walked off:

What next for Ripley?

While Stone and Aliyah have to search for another member to join the club, it will be interesting to see what is next for Ripley.

She lost her rematch for the NXT Women’s title, and needs to be back in a big storyline. Shirai has a new rival in Tegan Nox for the title, and Ripley could do well by moving to one of the other brands.

Aliyah and Robert Stone lost their handicap match
There were some tough moments for Rhea Ripley in the handicap match (WWE)

Stone and Aliyah, for their part, had Chelsea Green in their team till fairly recently. However, Green dumped Stone’s services which sent him spiralling into an abyss.

However, it seems that Aliyah brought Stone back and hopefully, we get to see more of the pair soon.

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