Big E decided to copy something from the Simpsons, it seems, and Marina Shafir had an adorable video to share

Big E and the rest of the New Day might be one of the best stables WWE has come up with in recent years.

The trio are great in the ring but have put up some hilarious promos too since turning face. Big E has the “who?” chant, Xavier Woods plays a trumpet while Kofi Kingston also has pancakes and New Day cereal for all the fans in the arena.

Big E is one of the most funniest WWE members
Big E and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown (WWE)

They also seem to enjoy doing fun things while coming down the ramp. Big E achieved that by copying a Simpson’s character, and Fox was quick to highlight the similarities.

Big E might not be comparable to Ralph Wiggum but Marina Shafir claimed her son, Troy, did the roll better than anyone.

The adorable youngster slowly rolled down an inclined mattress, but Wiggum’s clip is certainly a classic in the history of television.

Troy does have some way before becoming as viral as Wiggum, but this is a great start for the youngster.

Strong needs help

While Shafir and her son are enjoying their time together, she does need to also think of her husband.

Roderick Strong faced off against Dexter Lumis in a strap match at day one of the Great American Bash.

Dexter Lumis attacked Roderick Strong at NXT TakeOver: In Your House (WWE)
Dexter Lumis attacked Roderick Strong at NXT TakeOver: In Your House (WWE)

Lumis has targeted Strong for several weeks and even trapped him in the trunk of a car. The Undisputed Era had to help Strong out over his fear of trunks, but it didn’t help him much during this match.

Lumis also teased putting Strong into the trunk of a car in the clash, but he couldn’t ensure that happened. Shafir had also sent out a message after Strong was put into the trunk a while back, and demanded her husband was released.

Fortunately, Strong returned without any physical harm but it seems that there are a lot of mental scars.

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