(Watch) Lana confirms she is back with husband Rusev via TikTok video


Rusev and Lana had split a while back on WWE Raw but the husband-wife pair seem to be back

Lana and Rusev splitting up seems to have ended as the pair featured in a TikTok video recently.

Rusev had been released by WWE a few months back as part of some cost-cutting measures. However, Lana was kept on the roster.

Rusev and Lana WWE Raw Prevoiew
Rusev and Lana at a WWE show (Image credit: WWE)

The Ravishing Russian was married to Bobby Lashley on Raw, but that came to an end, it seems. Lashley asked for a divorce from Lana, and that left her broken. She did bounce-back by teaming up with Natalya as the pair celebrated a win on Raw.

Rusev, for his part, had been busy with his gaming channel. The Bulgarian Brute hasn’t been seen near any wrestling promotion either.

However, there was a surprise for many when Lana uploaded a new video. She was dancing away with Rusev coming on the screen, and the Russian confirmed they are back together:

It was a bit of a funny video with Lana reeling Rusev back in, and the husband-wife pair seemed to be really happy now.

Another storyline ends

The WWE Universe was in shock a few months ago when the pairing of Lana and Rusev split up. Lashley came into the scene and claimed that Rusev had cheated on Lana.

The Ravishing Russian then dumped her husband and married Lashley. That marriage didn’t go off easily as Liv Morgan also interrupted the first wedding and claimed she was in love with Lana.

Rusev and Lashley also fought several times with Lana putting out all the stops to stop the Bulgarian.

Lana is Natalya's new manager
Lana is Natalya’s new manager

She even goaded Rusev out by faking her pregnancy as Lashley attacked the Bulgarian. However, this storyline seems to be over for now.

WWE might want people to forget about it especially as Lashley is looking dominant under MVP’s management.

Lana and Rusev were one of the few husband-wife duos that WWE projected even in their storylines. Hopefully, the pair end all talks about their split and enjoy their time together.

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