Apollo Crews needed help from Ricochet and Cedric Alexander to escape Bobby Lashley assault

WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews seems to have made enemies in MVP and Bobby Lashley.

A couple of weeks back MVP had approached Crews, offering to become his manager. The US Champion though had rebuffed his offer, which seemingly did not sit down well with MVP.

MVP had tried to recruit Apollo Crews
MVP had tried to recruit Apollo Crews

On Monday’s episode of Raw, MVP came out to the ring and ran down Crews, claiming that he was being disrespectful. Crews came out and retorted, leading to a one-on-one non-title bout between the two, with Lashley at ringside.

Lashley attacks Crews after MVP wins

As one would expect, Lashley caused a distraction, allowing MVP to steal the win over Crews. Infuriated by the defeat, the US Champion attacked his opponent and in stepped Lashley to his manager’s rescue.

The ‘All Mighty’ assaulted Crews and then put him in a full nelson, which the United States Champion struggled to escape. However, luckily, backup arrived in the form of Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, who attacked Lashley and in the process were able to free Crews.

This led to a match between Lashley and Ricochet, which The All Mighty dominated and had The One and Only tap out to a full nelson. Lashley kept on the assault even after the match, and Alexander stepped in to rescue his partner, only for him also to be put in a full nelson.

Lashley defeated Ricochet on Raw
Lashley defeated Ricochet on Raw

The bout between MVP and Crews wasn’t special. But it furthers the storyline, which eventually could lead to MVP challenging Crews for the US Championship.

At the same time, it was great to watch Ricochet and Cedric Alexander make an appearance on Raw. The duo continue to impress at every opportunity given. Hopefully WWE are able to find something for them to dig into in the coming weeks.

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