Wade Barrett shares how much of a control freak Vince McMahon is during live events


Wade Barrett opens up on the control freak nature of WWE chairman Vince McMahon

Stu Bennett, the former Wade Barrett of WWE, has given an insight into how chairman Vince McMahon wants to control everything that went on during WWE live events.

Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett was the leader of The Nexus

The former WWE star was speaking on a special session of Inside The Ropes on the tenth anniversary of the formation of The Nexus.

One of the most prominent heel factions in recent WWE history, The Nexus comprised of the first generation of NXT stars – Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Darren Young, David Otunga, Jason Gabriel, Michael Tarber and Skip Sheffield (aka Ryback), led by Barrett himself.

Barrett reveals McMahon’s control freak nature

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Speaking of how he and the rest of the group found about the inception of The Nexus, Barrett revealed that neither him nor his partners had any idea as to what they were in for when McMahon called them in for a meeting during an episode of Raw.

This, apparently, surprised Barrett, as McMahon usually never leaves the gorilla position – the area where members of production sit directly behind the curtain – during a live show as he loves to control every aspect of what’s going on.

“Vince sits in the gorilla position all show where he controls everything. He’s on the headsets, he’s looking at the times, looking at how the match is going, speaking directly to the referee, giving people cues, giving people information when they come back. He’s very hands-on.”

Barrett then went on to add that McMahon, during the aforementioned meeting, handed them bands with the letter ‘N’ and instructed them to just go out and attack John Cena and destroy everything in their paths. The group were not told why they were doing it. And thus, The Nexus was born.

For those who follow WWE ardently, this is not likely to come as a major surprise. Barrett is not the first wrestler to speak about Vince’s overbearing, controlling nature and he won’t be the last.

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