The Usos ended their feud with The Viking Raiders last week only to be challenged by Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs

The Usos came to SmackDown this week and started boasting about their 236-day reigns as SmackDown Tag Team Champions. They were about to reveal their plans for ‘Mania but Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs interrupted demanding a title shot.

Usos wins
The Usos VS Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs at WrestleMania 38 2

Boogs was bandaged and looked injured while referring to him and Nakamura as future Tag Team Champions.

The Usos agreed but the catch was that the injured Boogs had to face Jey in a one-on-one match. If Boogs could manage a victory against Jey then he and Nakamura will get a title shot at The Show of Shows.

The Usos thought they outsmarted an injured Boogs into a match and he would have no chance to compete. But much to their dismay, just when the match started, Boogs got rid of the bandages and revealed that he wasn’t injured.

Boogs displayed every ounce of strength he has in those big muscles as he shoulder-pressed Jey for ten repetitions.

Towards the later stages of the match, Jimmy tried to intervene as he got on the apron but Nakamura tried to stop him. Jimmy would hit him with a Superkick but inside the ring, Boogs would use the powerslam to score the victory over Jey.

The Usos break Boogs’ guitar on his back

The Usos were furious as they would have to defend their titles against Nakamura and Boogs at WrestleMania.

They also didn’t take Boogs’ little injury prank too fondly. Right after the match, Jimmy Uso broke Boogs’ guitar on his back.

In a backstage interview, Jimmy and Jey would mention the opponents they have beaten in their reign. The likes of Rey and Dominik Mysterio to The New Day and The Viking Raiders, they had beaten them all. Somebody had to stand up and they are glad that Boogs and Nakamura did.

However, Jimmy said, “if you think you’re gonna play the Usos, we play you right back.

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