WWE unhappy with Mick Foley over recent criticism of the company


Mick Foley’s recent criticism of WWE has made the company unhappy

Mick Foley recently put out a video lashing out on the WWE. He looked to have offered constructive criticism but apparently isn’t met with great reception by the company.

Mick Foley is a legend in WWE
Mick Foley (WWE)

Andrew Zarian on Mat Men’s Pro Wrestling podcast revealed that there are people in the company who are very unhappy. He also stated that there is an unwritten rule for the WWE Legends. The rule is to never disparage the company. Foley on the other hand went ahead and did exactly that.

Basically, Foley came out with a video which is posted on his Facebook. Stating that the company WWE has a massive problem at hand. He even went on to say that their talent management has not been good recently and if he was a young wrestler at this time he would not trust the company with his future.

Daniel bryan adam cole in all out wrestling
Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan are WWE’s latest stars to join AEW (AEW)

 And also said that if he was on the come up right now he will probably choose AEW who seem to be doing a better job at handling the roster than WWE at the moment. Its no surprise that people were unhappy in WWE, who wouldn’t after all these things came from their own legend.

What made Mick Foley make these comments?

WWE’s recent moves of releasing stars and bad management of their rosters can all be the reason as to why Foley lashed out. Mick Foley also later specifically pointed out the condition of Keith Lee. He made remarks on how WWE changed his music and put him in new gear. He mentioned how dynamic Keith was and what they did with his character.

Keith Lee has been sent back to the performance training center
Keith Lee (WWE)

Mick Foley also was joined by WWE Legend Booker T who agreed upon what Foley had said about WWE’s creative decisions.

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