Keith Lee was sent back to WWE development and training which shocked many

One of the biggest stories of this week was when Keith Lee was sent back to WWE development and training.

Lee, who is a former NXT Champion, is considered as one of the fastest rising stars in the promotion. He made a name when featuring on last year’s NXT Survivor Series team and even took on Roman Reigns.

Keith Lee was given a new entrance and attire in WWE
Keith Lee on WWE Raw (WWE)

The Limitless One then won both the NXT North American and NXT titles before making his move to the main roster.

However, his move up hasn’t worked all that well. He was still at this year’s Survivor Series but something seems to be a miss.

WWE have changed his attire and theme music but things aren’t clicking. However, the surprise was that Vince McMahon wanted Lee and a few others, such as Dio Maddin and Otis, to return to training and development and work on a few skills.

Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon wants stars to stop using Twitch and Cameo
Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon (WWE)

That caught a few off guard and this was one discussion on the Busted Open podcast. Tommy Dreamer was speaking about this and claimed the move up had come too early for Lee:

“He was plucked out of the system too soon. NXT did a disservice for pulling him out of the system too soon.

“He comes up, he has done nothing of merit or value since he has been called up. That is not on him, that is on creative, but yes, there are holes in his game that your boss, coach see, then yeah, you are not going to get used.”

Time for a rework

Dreamer also brought up Carmella as an example of what WWE could do with Lee. Mella was taken off TV for a long time but given a new gimmick and the former SmackDown champion is back challenging for the title:

“Like we were talking about Carmella, they are going to make him go away and be forgotten, so he comes back with more oomph.

“I saw holes in his game as well. I saw this is not the same Keith Lee I saw on NXT.”

Dreamer also spoke about how he had to change his game during his WWE days basis his position in the promotion and who he was up against.

The Innovator of Violence claimed that Lee wasn’t the same and that could have been due to the different talent on the main brands:

“I have seen him be slower and lumbering and if that is because he isn’t working with somebody faster or someone who, you gotta understand. Most people who are working in NXT are working their tail off because they want to get called up and are willing to do more risks.”

Dreamer brought up how WWE was different to his ECW days and maybe this was a chance for Lee, and the others, to understand what is best needed for them.

Carmella attacks Sasha Banks on SmackDown
Carmella attacked Sasha Banks on SmackDown (WWE)

Sharpening a few skills shouldn’t hurt anyone and it will be interesting to see what happens with Lee next.

He still is featuring on Raw and we could see a different version of the Limitless One soon.

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