Tommy Dreamer angry over the lack of story between Zelina Vega and Aleister Black


Zelina Vega and Aleister Black are a real-life couple outside of their WWE roles

ECW legend Tommy Dreamer was on the latest episode of the Busted Open podcast, and he spoke about some of the current storylines in WWE.

Dreamer was part of WWE for a while but he will always be remembered for being a hardcore legend. While Dreamer had some really tough matches and storylines in the past, he wasn’t all too pleased with some angles currently.

Tommy Dreamer is an ECW legend
Tommy Dreamer is one of the greatest hardcore wrestlers of all-time (WWE)

This revolved around real-life couples and not using them properly in WWE. Dreamer also questioned why people would speak of these stories outside the WWE, especially with so many podcasts, YouTube shows and other outlets

“Don’t have the people who work for your company talk about angles about how they liked it or didn’t like it, because then it messes up with storylines.

“I know me personally, a husband and wife who are together as a couple in real-life but they are not on television? That gets me angry on social media, cos I think, ‘always business, business, business.’”

Vega and Black should be together

Dreamer highlighted the current situation between Zelina Vega and Aleister Black. The pair are married in real-life but are not together on Raw, something that Dreamer didn’t like one bit:

“Like Zelina Vega being married to Aleister Black and then I see them on television against each other.

“I am the biggest fan of both of them, but I don’t want to see that. If its me, I am never tweeting that its me with that person but I understand its a different world. As writers, you have to be better.”

Zelina Vega had a different look on this week's WWE Raw
Zelina Vega (C) with the rest of her stable (WWE)

Vega is the manager of Andrade and Angel Garza while Black has been a singles competitor for most of his time on Raw.

Vega has always been with Andrade since their NXT days and WWE might not be keen on breaking that partnership up. However, it is a little weird seeing Black not be in regular contact with Vega despite both being on the same brand.

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs results, winners, grades and reaction
Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy was one of the best fights on TLC 2019 (Image credit: WWE)

The married pair also have their own YouTube channel where they post a lot of videos together.

However, this is a different WWE from when Dreamer was there. People are allowed to have lives outside the ring, and it seems the WWE is fine with couples not keeping character all the time.

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