TJ Wilson responds to Bayley claiming former WWE star played a key role in her growth


Bayley shares the role of TJ Wilson in helping her become a better wrestler in WWE

WWE superstar Bayley was on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Session this week, where she shared a lot about her personal as well as professional life.

One of the most insightful segments of the session was when she talked about TJ Wilson. Bayley revealed how TJ Wilson is a very important member of the women’s division.

Theodore James Wilson, better know by his ring name Tyson Kidd, is, of course, a former WWE superstar himself.

He spent 9 years with WWE inside the ring from 2006 to 2015, where he now works as a producer.

She says that Wilson plans most of the women’s matches and ‘picks everything apart’ to help improve the division even further.

Bayley says she has improved in WWE over the past year due to Wilson

Calling him a ‘wrestling genius’, the former RAW women’s champion explained how working with Wilson closely over the past year has helped her better herself inside the ring.

“He’s actually the one who points things out that I do. He always watches the matches back before I do.”

Bayley is one of the biggest WWE superstars in the women's division. (WWE)
Bayley is one of the biggest WWE superstars in the women’s division. (WWE)

She then revealed that the 40-year-old Canadian is the one who praises her the most and follows her progress closely.

Bayley says that he picks out the good moments from her matches, which helps her understand what to do and what to avoid the next time.

“He’s probably the one who compliments me the most to be honest, and he is proud of the work that I have done this year.”

Tyson Kidd aka TJ Wilson on WWE.
Tyson Kidd (L) was a WWE wrestler himself. (WWE)

Bayley had a wonderful 2020 which saw her win the tag team championship and retain her WWE SmackDown women’s championship multiple times before losing it to Sasha Banks after a 380-day reign.

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