The Undertaker shares his thoughts on WrestleMania being two nights


The Undertaker reacts to WrestleMania being held for two nights 

WrestleMania 38 is coming soon and is about to happen for two days straight. One of the legends of WrestleMania, The Undertaker, shares his thoughts about the event.

Undertaker in Saudi Arabia (Twitter)

The Undertaker appeared in an interview with Dallas Morning News (h/t EWrestling News) and mentioned that he has liked going to the event for two nights now. However, he said that the energy is difficult to sustain as a fan if you are there for 5-6 hours. 

Taker also mentioned that since WrestleMania is happening for two nights, it will keep the energy levels high. He is excited about this year’s event as everyone is coming out of COVID.

“I like going to two nights now, because WrestleMania was a long night. You’re there 6-7 hours, and it’s hard to keep and sustain that energy level as a fan. You get taken on all these emotional rides all through the course of night to the point where you’re just worn out. So, I love the fact that they are going to two nights. I think it will keep the energy levels high, the excitement high, and I’m really excited about it. To not be actually in a match, I’m really excited for this year’s Mania. Everybody’s kind of coming back out again after COVID and everything else. I think it’s going to be huge, I really do.”

WrestleMania 38

WrestleMania 38 will be a two-day event 

WWE has recently released an announcement regarding WrestleMania 38, and it will be held as a two-day event at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, on 2nd and 3rd April.

WrestleMania 38
WrestleMania 38 (InsideSport)

WWE has recently revealed travel packages as well for the fans who will be witnessing the event live.

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