The Undertaker claims Brock Lesnar should not have broken The Streak at WrestleMania


WWE Superstar Undertaker believes that Brock Lesnar should not have broken the WrestleMania Streak

WrestleMania legend The Undertaker opens up about his WrestleMania streak, which was broken by Brock Lesnar. He spoke to “The Dallas Morning News,” where he talked about his career end and the Streak.

The Undertaker after his streak was broken
The Undertaker after his WrestleMania streak was broken (WWE)

Undertaker mentioned that he would have loved to end his career with an undefeated streak and claimed that Brock Lesnar should not have broken the Streak. He said that Brock is already a superstar and maybe didn’t need that win in the first place.

“Although, I don’t know if Brock [Lesnar, who defeated Undertaker at WM30] was the right guy. I like Brock, me and Brock are friends. I don’t know that Brock needed that win. Brock was a bona fide superstar at that point. So, I don’t know that he needed it. 

The Undertaker also revealed that Reigns defeating Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 would have been the right call as it would have increased the value.

The Undertaker opens up about not being 100% fit while facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

Taker continued the interview and spoke that he was not that physically healthy when Reigns defeated him at WrestleMania. 

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April 3, 2020, Orlando, FL, USA: The Undertaker, right, throws Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 33 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Fla., in 2017. Orlando USA – ZUMAm67 20200403zafm67018 Copyright: xStephenxM.xDowellx

He even said that if he had been healthier and got Roman first fight would have been more intense and mentioned that Reigns beat somebody who wasn’t at his best.

“By the time I got to Roman, that WrestleMania, I was not physically healthy at all. So, he didn’t get the best of me. That bothers me. Nothing I can do about it, but Roman, he beat somebody that wasn’t at his best. I wish I could have been healthier and he would have been first”.

He concluded by saying that he doubts that anyone will ever get to 21-0 at WrestleMania, and that will always be history.

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