The Rock opens up on how many elbow pads he lost in WWE career


The Rock talks about tossing elbow pads to the crowd during his time

Anyone who has watched the Rock wrestle certainly remembers his iconic elbow pad throw. The Rock before hitting his opponent with the people’s elbow would throw his elbow pad into the crowd.

Wrestling veteran Shane Taylor was left curious with many question on the same. He took to Twitter to ask ‘The people’s champ’ some questions about his elbow pads. Have a look at what he had to say:

“Post workout reflection: Approximately how many elbow pads do you think @TheRock has lost over his illustrious career? Probably 250-300 people’s elbows a year + kids/adults asking for the other.. Does he have an elbow pad sponsor? Does the company allocate an elbow pad budget?”

Taylor is certainly curious to know how did the WWE get those many elbow pads, whether they had a sponsor or needed sponsors for the elbow pads. Much to the liking of Taylor and the fans alike, the Rock responded to this question to clear the air.

What did the Rock have to say about his elbow pads?

The Rock responded to Taylor’s tweet and opened up on how did WWE get so many elbow pads for his segment. It is worth noting that apart from throwing them into the crowd, the former WWE champion also gave away those pads regularly. In response he said:

“Great question and I too, often intellectualize after my workout. Once I started throwing the my elbow pads out into the crowd, we just started producing them (WWE). We sold them nightly as merch, and I, of course would toss them in my finish. I also gave hundreds away weekly.”

The Rock made it known that WWE started producing those elbow pads and sold them as merch. Guess WWE always finds a way to expand their business doesn’t it? The Rock also talked about how he gave away hundreds of them weekly to the fans apart from throwing it into the crowd.

Watch the Rock’s best people’s elbow below:

It was probably the best decision to produce those elbow pads themselves since it was such an integral part of the Rock’s character in the WWE.

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