The Miz is arguably the best heel character of this generation and has the knack of cutting terrific promos.

The Miz
The Miz and his wife Maryse

The A-lister was the WWE Intercontinental Champion back then. He mentioned that the title meant a lot to him as all his idols had held the title when he was young. Miz wanted to make the title as big as it was when he was a young fan of WWE. However, he wasn’t getting enough screentime on the blue brand.

One of the most intriguing moments on Talking Smack was when The Miz gave a huge telling-off to Daniel Bryan. The incident took place in 2016.

The SmackDown card before the Talking Smack segment didn’t feature the then Intercontinental champion. He wanted to vent his frustration and chose Talking Smack as the platform.

“Ah, yeah, you’re not needed.” – The Miz was told that he wouldn’t feature on SmackDown that night

Last year, the former WWE champion elaborated during an interview on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette about his highly acclaimed outburst.

It was a bad day for me,” he began. “So, I had the Intercontinental title, and I just got drafted to SmackDown, and that night I wasn’t on the show. I really wanted to make the Intercontinental Championship relevant again. I wanted to make it as big as it was when I saw it in the ’80s. It was literally the workhorse title, and I wanted to get it back to that.”

“And then you walk into TV, and they said, ‘Ah, yeah, you’re not needed. We’re going to be on the dark match tonight.’ I was like, ‘You’re kidding, right?’ I hold this title. This title has been held by all of my heroes, and I’m trying to do something here but you’re not allowing me to do it. They were like, ‘Well, we’re introducing two new titles tonight on SmackDown, so we have too much going on.’ I was so angry that I went up to Road Dogg, and I said, ‘Put me on Talking Smack.’ He goes, ‘Why?’ I was like, ‘Daniel Bryan is the general manager. I’m going to unleash it all on him.’ They were like, ‘Cool'”

The Miz unleashed in an unexpected manner with an intense promo. He also credited Daniel Bryan for getting under his skin which facilitated his gush.

The Miz shares a snippet from his outburst recently

The Miz, who is set to team up with Logan Paul to take on Rey and Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 38 recently tweeted a short video from his infamous segment on Talking Smack.

He wrote: “The most must-see moment in the history of Talking Smack! Check out #WWEEvil now on @PeacockTV!”

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