Stone Cold Steve Austin will be appearing on the Kevin Owens Show at WrestleMania 38

As per reports from many WWE insiders, Stone Cold Steve Austin was going to face Kevin Owens in a match at ‘Mania. This would have marked Austin’s comeback to in-ring competition after almost two decades.

Steve Austin
"One last can" - Steve Austin puts out an interesting tweet ahead of WrestleMania 38 2

Later it was confirmed that Stone Cold will appear as the special guest on the KO Show. Austin put out a tweet saying: “One Last Can. @FightOwensFight You piece of trash. #WrestleMania”

This tweet from Austin is a bit confusing. If he appears on the KO Show as a guest, the closest he can come to wrestling is delivering his finishing move – The Stunner on Owens. He can do that to wrestlers for many more years. Why would he say something like One Last Can? Is there a surprise in store? Will Austin come to the ring at ‘Mania with his ring gear and challenge Owens to a match?

Maybe we are just reading too much into it. Recently Jim Ross in his podcast Grilling JR revealed that he spoke with Austin a few days back. The Rattlesnake had told him that he won’t risk his legacy for a match that isn’t planned well.

How has the build up been so far?

Kevin Owens was told by on-screen WWE official Sonya Deville a few weeks ago that he might not be on the WrestleMania card.

Owens was quite hurt after hearing her comment and would tell her about what the state of Texas means to him. Texas of course will host WrestleMania 38. Owens said that he loves the people of Texas and the people of Texas love him too.

This was an unexpected promo coming from Owens as he is a heel character. Things would become normal over the following weeks as Owens would show his true colors defaming and belittling Texas in all his appearances in WWE.

Rumors were flying that Owens would face Texas’ very own Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match at WrestleMania 38. Owens hadn’t mentioned Stone Cold till this week on RAW. He teamed with Rollins to take on RK-Bro and The Alpha Academy in a match for the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles. The winning team would carry the championship to WrestleMania.

Eventually, RK-Bro won the titles from Alpha Academy while Owens and Rollins were distraught. Their last way to get to WrestleMania blew up in smoke it seemed.

However, at the end of the show, Owens called out Stone Cold at WrestleMania as his special guest on The KO Show. Austin would accept the invitation later on.

We will have to wait for next week’s RAW to get a clearer picture but fans are happy that Austin would return to WrestleMania after 6 years.

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