(Watch) Rhea Ripley, Riddle and more try out the Squid Game Honeycomb challenge


WWE Superstars take on the infamous Squid Game Honeycomb challenge

WWE is never late to hop on trends and this time around wasn’t anything different. At this point it’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t heard about or watched the Squid Games. WWE recently picked up on one of it’s most interesting challenge, the honeycomb challenge for some of it’s superstars.

Honeycomb challenge in the Squid Game (Tripzilla)

Basically, in the challenge one has to carve out a stamped symbol from a Korean candy called “dalgona’ cleanly. The stamp could in any shape. Superstars like Cesaro, Matt Riddle, Nikki Ash, Rhea Ripley and Rick Boogs were tested on their carvings skills for this challenge. Have a look:

How did the WWE stars perform in the challenge?

Cesaro was as calm as ever while trying to carve out the circular shape from the candy. Whereas, most of the other wrestlers were having a hard time being patient. The game is all about being patient and slowly trying to scrape the candy around the edges of the shape.

Cesaro honeycomb
Cesaro honeycomb challenge (Twitter)

Ash on the other hand got really worked up and lost her composure which resulted in the candy getting broken. Apart from her, Cesaro, Riddle and Rick Boogs were successful in completing their challenge.

Riddle had initially thought that he lost the challenge when he broke a piece of the candy. However, the shape on the candy was still intact and the latter half of the RK-Bro went on to complete the challenge successfully. Luckily for Ash, she won’t be getting eliminated in the “Squid Game style” after losing the challenge.

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