Sonya Deville reacts to botching Nikki ASH’s name on WWE Raw


Sonya Deville reacts to botching Nikki ASH’s name on RAW

WWE star Sonya Deville misspelled Nikki ASH’s name this week on Raw, which got a lot of attention from the WWE Universe.

WWE stars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose will clash in a loser leaves WWE match at SummerSlam
Sonya Deville in a new Role (WWE)

During this week’s Monday night, Raw Sonya Deville was in a backstage segment where she mistakenly said: “Niki AHS” instead of ASH. 

This came to notice of a whole lot of people as they started sharing this on social media. Corey Graves immediately handled the situation by claiming Deville had the show American Horror Story in her mind. 

Later on the day, Deville shared in her Twitter account that she loves American horror stories and intentionally misspelled letters like ROK and MPV to create some humor.

She tweeted saying, 

“Damn, that ROK hit MPV so hard. Btw I love American horror story.” 

Since so many people are paying attention to Deville, even a small error might cause some damage in the future. 

Deville is an Authoritative Figure in WWE

Sonya returned to SmackDown after a while since she was forced to leave the company in a Loser Leaves WWE Match last year at SummerSlam PPV against a match with Mandy Rose.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville seem to have ended their WWE friendship
Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were best friends on SmackDown (WWE)

But she returned this time in completely different attire and has been given a new role to be a WWE official alongside Adam Pearce. 

In an interview with WWE’s The Bump, she mentioned that she is a changed person now and is putting her past behind her, and she is happy to be back here and grateful for the opportunity.

She started holding matches and managing other official stuff on the SmackDown brand. 

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