WWE SmackDown results, winners, and grades 15 April 2022: Big match announced for WrestleMania Backlash


This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown saw segments involving Gunther, Raquel Rodriguez, and also the story of Lacey Evans continued.

There was a lot to cover in the latest episode of WWE’s blue brand. Naomi took on Rhea Ripley before they team up with their respective tag partners next week on RAW as the Women’s Tag Team Championship will be on the line.

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WWE SmackDown Results:

RK-Bro and The Usos have a confrontation in the ring

RAW Tag Team Champions made their way to the ring. Riddle was drifting away from the topic when Orton reminded him that they were here because The Usos challenged them to a title unification match and they are ready to respond.

The Usos entered and after a war of words, Randy Orton lets everyone know that RK-Bro is accepting the challenge.

Backstage, Adam Pearce informs RK-Bro that his last conversation with the higher authority wasn’t decisive regarding the topic. The higher-ups wanted more time to think.

Riddle asked for a match against Jimmy Uso and it was made official by Pearce.

Naomi versus Rhea Ripley

Ripley used her strength to take the early advantage. Naomi, in fact, struggled to muster up offensive moves for most parts of the match. Naomi managed to knock Ripley off the apron but the Nightmare soon regained the advantage with a vicious clothesline on the outside.

Back in the ring, Naomi managed to find an opening as she delivered a scissors kick. Naomi delivered a crossbody. The two competitors went back and forth as Ripley got the W with a Riptide.

Result – Rhea Ripley beat Naomi

Grade – B

Happy Corbin was interviewed backstage. He took offense to the interviewer calling Madcap Moss his associate. Corbin said that Moss wasn’t on his level so he shouldn’t be called his associate. He mentioned that he would wait until Moss becomes a laughing stock of SmackDown.

Drew Gulak appears in a new role as he interviewed Madcap Moss. He showed his confidence before facing Humberto Carrillo.

Madcap Moss versus Humberto Carrillo

Carrillo starts the match on a positive note taking control with heavy hits early. However, his joy was short-lived as Moss got back into the match.

A big back elbow followed by the Punchline as Moss picked up the victory and Angel Garza was in shock after the result. He kept yelling at Carrillo.

Result – Madcap Moss beat Humberto Carrillo

Grade- C

Charlotte Flair comes to Pearce to enquire who accepted Ronda Rousey’s challenge to the “I Quit” match. Drew Gulak interrupted as he asked Pearce how he fared while taking the interview of Madcap Moss. Flair said his real test will be when he interviews her in the middle of the ring later on.

Drew Gulak gave Charlotte a big introduction in the ring. Flair said she didn’t refuse Ronda’s “I Quit” match, she was just trying to protect her. Flair said that Ronda cried her way into the title picture once again.

Gulak said that he watched Flair’s match against Ronda. He noted that Flair was lucky as the referee didn’t see her tap out. Charlotte, however, denied tapping as she claimed she was just fixing her bra. Drew continued that if the referee saw Flair tap, Ronda would have been the champion now.

The crowd joined in with the “you tapped out” chants and this infuriated Flair. She asked Gulak if he stopped competing so that he could hold a mic and ask stupid questions. She said quitting isn’t in her DNA, winning is because she’s a submission master and she’s been submitting opponents for over a decade.

Flair ordered Gulak to get out of the ring. As Gulak was following her instructions, Flair caught him and locked him in Figure 8. Gulak would tap but Flair didn’t relent. She made him scream “I Quit” before releasing him.

Ludwig Kaiser cut a promo saying the mat is sacred and how Gunther protects the honor of pro wrestling.

Sami Zayn versus Drew McIntyre

Sami Zayn got himself counted out last week but this week, he claimed he was going to pin Drew in the center of the ring. McIntyre introduced Zayn to the barricade at ringside early on.

Zayn went behind Pat McAfee to hide from Drew. The Scottish Warrior delivered a punch that McAfee ducked and Sami took it. Towards the closing stages, Drew went for the Claymore but Sami evaded. The former Intercontinental Champion ran away into the crowd as Drew won once again via countout.

Drew chased Sami after the match but to no avail.

Result – Drew McIntyre beat Sami Zayn

Grade -C

Ricochet (c) versus Jinder Mahal – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ricochet looked to finish the match early but Shanky pulled Mahal out of the ring. The champion dived outside the ring to take out both Shanky and Mahal.

After some back and forth action, the impressive champion hit his trademark Shooting Star Press on Mahal to seal the victory and hold on to his title.

Result – Ricochet beat Jinder Mahal

Grade – B

The Fight Night brawl with The New Day

Fight Night were interviewed backstage. They were asked if all was well among them as Butch last week unleashed on Sheamus and Holland after losing his match against Xavier Woods.

Sheamus noted that Butch had anger issues but said it’s common and they have had bigger fights over a TV remote. Sheamus asked Butch who is their enemy and Butch shoved Sheamus and shouted “The New Day” and left.

We went to New Day, who are hanging out signing 8x10s when Butch blindsides them and beats them down! Sheamus and Ridge Holland roll up and it turns into a wild brawl with referees and agents trying to separate the wrestlers.

Lacey Evans continued her story and this time she focused on her abusive father. Natalya and Shayna Baszler were watching the promo from backstage. Natalya showed her displeasure at newcomers not respecting the people who came before them.

Raquel Rodriguez was behind them and she came and introduced herself to Natalya and Shayna and the two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion even shook Natalya’s hand.

Jimmy Uso versus Matt Riddle

Riddle went for the RKO early on but was blocked by Jimmy. Riddle came back with a Karelin lift, slingshot to the apron for the Penalty Kick but Jimmy catches it and trips him to the floor!

Jimmy hit a baseball slide to Orton through the ropes and on the outside. Riddle rocked Jimmy with a big knee as he turned back around. Riddle went to the top but Jey dropped him off while Orton was arguing with the referee. Jimmy superkicked Riddle. Orton brawled with Jey at ringside and slammed him on the announce table to a huge pop.

Riddle secured the victory with a spectacular pop-up RKO to win the match.

Result – Matt Riddle beat Jimmy Uso

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B

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