Shotzi Blackheart returned on this week’s edition of SmackDown.


Shotzi was last seen in the Royal Rumble this year. She finally returned to action this week on SmackDown.

Shotzi made her comeback inside a squared circle as she faced a returning Sasha Banks. Interestingly, both the superstars last competed in the Royal Rumble earlier this year. “The Boss” made light work of her opponent Shotzi. Sasha won the match without breaking a sweat, and this doesn’t augur well for the talented youngster who had shown a lot of promise during her days in NXT.

Shotzi Blackheart
Shotzi Blackheart

Even after her heel turn, and feuds with Sasha, Shotzi hasn’t been able to grab the limelight. She has age on her side and hopefully WWE will give her better angles in the future. If utilised well, she has a lot to offer.

Shotzi reveals how she has been dealing with a lower back pain

Shotzi spoke to Mondragon Chiropractic revealing how she is recuperating from a severe bout of lower back pain.

Shotzi Blackheart Martinez
Shotzi Blackheart returned on this week's edition of SmackDown. 3

The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion said, “Right now, my lower back (hurts). I actually got x-rays on it. It’s nothing crazy, but they said that my pelvic bone is tilted forward. They’ve been giving me rehab exercises and stuff. I’m way better than a month ago, for sure.”

It was pretty bad. I had a match and then I woke up the next morning and it was really hard for me to get up. I slid off of the bed onto the floor and I couldn’t even put pressure onto my knees or crawl. I’ve been off for a little bit.” The 29-year old said.

Now that she is finally back in the ring, hopefully, she is feeling much better. She can bring a lot to the table if she is in the pink of health. The start against Sasha, who herself, recovered from a foot injury, was rough, but we can expect someone of the calibre of Shotzi to bounce back.

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